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Relaxing stag activities

Because sometimes even the best stag parties need a quick "time out"

Whether you're a bunch of seasoned party animals that know the value of pacing, or a quieter bunch of gents that enjoy a more relaxed approach to things, it's always smart planning to make time for a little R&R on your stag weekend. A few hours dedicated to recharging your batteries (collapsing on the bed after a night out doesn't count) is essential for two key reasons. First, without it, the boys will be having less fun later, when a bit of energy is called for on the big night out or sporting activity. Second, otherwise you'll be dragging home a nearly comatose, thoroughly partied-out groom-to-be to his very unimpressed near Mrs.

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The lads might not be whooping with joy at the thought of spending a few hours chilling (though that might have something to do with how tired they are) but never fear. StagWeb has a lot more in store for your downtime than just hiding away in the hotel room, or lingering over a cuppa in a nearby café. It’s no good to have the entire weekend being non-stop action and adventure, but we understand that you don’t exactly want to be taking an afternoon nap and missing a few precious hours of male bonding time either which is why we’ve tracked down some of the best low key activities that still keep you out on the town and enjoying yourselves.

Slowing down doesn’t have to mean coming to a stand still, after all, and there are plenty of slightly more laidback ways of keeping you and the boys active. Something like fishing, which gets you in to the fresh air but let’s you sit down and enjoy a few beers at the same time, is another top choice. With a few different varieties on offer, including deep sea and fly, it’s one of our most relaxing stag activities. Golfing is leisurely yet still competitive, and there’s always the 19th hole for refuelling at if a gentle walk around a golf course has taken more out of you than expected. Rowing or punting along a river is as serene as you and the lads want it to be, stretching your muscles without overtaxing them. And ten pin bowling, one of the few sports that you’re encouraged to play with a bowl of nachos and beer close to hand, is great for a laidback start to the night before you amp up the volume at a club or bar later.

At StagWeb, we understand that a lot of the time, the stag night is the most important part of the weekend – which is just one of the reasons resting up before you head out for the night is crucial; you don’t want everyone falling asleep and desperate for bed by midnight. However, there are plenty of relaxing stag activities around that provide the perfect start to the night. A brewery or distillery tour (or in Ireland, a tour of the Guinness Storehouse) lets lads pay tribute to their favourite beverage, before you head out later and consume quantities of it or a brewery dinner lets you line your stomach first too. Cocktail mixing gets the night thoroughly underway, sampling some of the most potent combinations and mixes around (and there’s nothing girly about adding an umbrella or twisty straw, no matter what the other boys say, if its good enough for Delboy...). Vodka tasting as a way of getting the party off the ground needs no introduction, or more sophisticated palettes might prefer wine tasting instead.
And when all else fails, there’s always an uber luxurious health spa to try.

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