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bestman advice

Duties and speech


bestman advice

What an honour! Congratulations, respect indeed to be tagged as someone's Best Man, but as you might have guessed by now the esteemed office of the best man can also be testing and time consuming. You've got to embrace the traditional bestman duties that go with this reverent status, not least in coordinating the main, memorable, final pre-wedlock stag party for your buddy. Unless you’re impressively popular you’ll only get to be bestman once or twice, so make the most of it, get it right and you’ll be more in greater demand than Lindsay Lohan's lawyer.

More frequently these days, 2 or more best men can be appointed and their duties may vary. One may take on the all important "best man’s speech" and organisational duties, the other may be tasked with coordinating the stag weekend send off. And the stag weekend, like the best man’s speech, has to be good. So decide early on who’s got what responsibility, thereafter it’s just getting it right and that's the easy bit - choose StagWeb for the stag weekend and you're on a winner from the word go.

best man speech helpThere's very useful stag party coordination info in the guide section, so have a butcher's at that. If you do your best in organising the stag night, or even the weekend, everyone will be thrilled. You can either take it on yourself or much easier still get StagWeb to do it for you, with our services and experience you'll have the best options available, and the experience will be unforgettable.

Remember 'do unto others', it's likely that when your time comes (if it hasn't already) your best man will want to pull out all the stag party stops for you, so we're sure you'll do the same.

We've done big day and the best man’s speech guidelines, that you might find useful. Remember - we're on your side, we want the best for the best man!

Bestman advice - duties and speech By

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