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The best man-ual©

The best man-ual

As bestman it's your job not to balls up the stag weekend, so there needs to be some thought in planning. Planning will be the first part to stag success, which includes deciding who's invited, idea of when you want to go, where you would like to go and what activities you want to do. The second stage to stag success is to give that information to StagWeb and we'll organise an unforgettable stag weekend.

planning the stag articles


  • Map to the ultimate stag do map to the ultimate stag weekend

    Follow our treasure map to the stag treasure, from when are ye to set sail to who be the stag do crew!

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  • 5 things to consider
    5 things to consider before booking a stag do

    Why the groom and the lads will love you and how to get even more value from the start ...

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  • Our recommended stag party planning guideour recommended stag party planning guide

    Stag do planning is a key part of the bestman's role, it's after all a crucial part of the whole wedding ...

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  • Money talks - managing the stag do finance money talks - managing the stag do finance

    One of the biggest responsibilities of organising the stag do is managing the guys and money, see our guide how not to slip up

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  • top 20 stag favourites
    top 20 stag favourites

    From paintballing to white water rafting you'll find our most popular activities here!

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  • the stag nightthe stag night planning

    It's not all about hanging out at the pub all evening, make sure you get the stag night planned the StagWeb way!

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  • Packing for the stag do packing for the stag do

    Packing for a stag do can be a nightmare, take a deep breath and clue up with our helpful tips here ...

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  • international advice
    international advice

    Planning a stag do abroad? Take a look at our helpful tips and advice to make the most of your travels ...

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  • four stag do mistakesfour stag do mistakes

    Make sure you don't slip up when planning the stag weekend - read our four mistakes and how to avoid them ...

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best man advice articles


  • How to be the BEST bestman how to be the BEST bestman

    If you're committed to raising the stag do planning bar then read our guide to reaching gold standard!

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  • bestman speech structure
    bestman speech

    There's writing a good speech, and then there's writing a great speech! See our help & advice for getting the structure right ...

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  • bestman dutiesbestman duties

    You've got to embrace the traditional bestman duties that go with this reverent status. Make sure you tick these off the list ...

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  • speech dos and don'ts speech dos & don'ts

    Make sure your speech is remembered for the right reasons! See our top tips for keeping you cool, calm and collected for the bestman speech ...

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  • bestman guide
    bestman guide

    See the first stages to becoming the bestman from the stag do to the speech writing ...

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  • from bestman to stag supremofrom bestman to stag supremo in 7 days

    Read our 7 day schedule to becoming an absolute bestman hero!

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prank idea articles


  • Top 5 stag pranks stag do pranks

    From hiring a fake bride to a sexy hitch hiker, see our humorous pranks ...

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  • stag party games
    stag party games

    While on the stag do there's usually a bit of time for games, see our best here!

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  • top 4 unusual stag party ideastop 5 unusual stag party ideas

    Some say the more unusual the best when it comes to stag party ideas, see our top 5 quirky activities here ...

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