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5 pointers, 5 minutes of reading = a whole lot of good decisions

You’ll hear a lot of stories, a lot of claims, a lot of ideas and opinions when it comes to the stag do ... but when it all boils down to the bare bones here’s a famous five to take note of ...

  1. you > It's your responsibility
  2. content > Do something fun, fulfilling and well preparted
  3. cash > Remembered at all costs ... value and price are 2 different things
  4. risk > Don't take any unnecessary chances (and that's before the adventure starts!)
  5. lies, damn lies > Don't believe all you hear, not all things are equal

1. you

How you go about planning is a big reflection on you, how you feel about the groom and to a lesser extent the other attendees. It becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly if you’ve taken chances on lives and or livelihoods, and guess what … you’ll be less than popular. Don’t assume anything and don’t be cheap with your time or efforts. This is a stag do, you can’t wing it and you shouldn’t – this is a serious event. It’s important so it’s worth saying again … don’t wing it, you’re best-man not bird-man!

2. content

Why do or settle for less than you could? Why settle for second best? Why let a celebratory weekend be ordinary? Push the envelope a little, fill the weekend with quality content and a decent itinerary and it’s sure to be a success ... so long as it’s well prepared. Think about the whole weekend and keeping everyone reliably entertained throughout, a lazy lash up with mates is great from time to time, but a stag weekend demands and deserves more effort! Poor preparation by yourself or those you entrust with helping you plan is a sure fire way to the sum to add up to a whole lot less than its parts. And you don’t want that.

3. cash

Of course you’re going to be mindful of costs and keeping the stag do in reach and so you should, but if there’s one bit of stag planning you must remember the difference between value and price! It might seem inappropriate here, but in fact it’s more appropriate that most things. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. If you base it solely on price you’ll buy at the lowest price but if you base it on value you’ll get a better all round experience for the price you pay. Cheap doesn’t always mean terrible but when it comes to heard earned cash you should make sure it’s well spent – especially if you’re spending others’ money as well! And double especially if it’s for something memorable. Additionally if you’re weighing up costs don’t forget to put a price on your time, phone calls, payments, chasing, changes, cancellations and so on. As far as StagWeb go, add it all up, combine the great rates, unrivalled service, generous terms and financial protection and the value is not just unusual ... it’s exceptional.

4. risk

This follows nicely from cash, which you’re not going to take chances on ... are you! Apologies for the obvious but every single time you entrust an external service to deliver an outcome for you there is potential risk ... whether it’s professional competence, requisite administration or financial propriety to highlight a simple trio of wake up calls. You’d be surprised how often that’s overlooked in search of the lowest price – it’s crazy! It’s not scare mongering, it’s just business in the 21st century – companies are letting consumers down everywhere on a number of levels from failing to deliver to going under or missing or messing with client’s money. And certainly in most cases value is questionable. Top companies are top companies because they deliver consistently and at a high standard, not because they take risks on your outcomes. Don’t take a risk for the sake of a quid or two, just don’t. You wouldn’t for your family or for the company ... so why would you for your best mate and closest friends?! Make sure the company you’re dealing with is established, has a decent trading history (remember lots of bad businesses go under and start again), has a recognised trade membership of a highly reputable association that makes demands of its members, is UK based, has a solid financial foundation, has real testimonials, has a genuine company registration number and physical address, and that’s just for starters before we get into corporate regulations. Check out the financial protection in detail and the credit rating if you can you’ll be very surprised and glad you did! Gentlemen ... just like any other area of business ... not all companies are equal.

5. lies, smoke and mirrors

Appreciating risk is one thing, being aware of misrepresentation is another. Just like other industries some companies simply don’t and even can’t deliver on their claims, some companies calculatingly mislead and some companies just flat out don’t tell the truth. Just tread carefully, don’t take things at face value, dig deeper to get to the real end of the line, to a clear as crystal truth behind what you’re actually buying. Just because people say they’re financially protected doesn’t mean they are – where’s the actual in-your-hand proof? Just because some people say they have ABTA bonding status doesn’t mean they have – check with ABTA! Just because people appear sound doesn’t mean they are, look at credit ratings and insurances. Just because people say they are flexible doesn’t mean they are, you should definitely look closely at booking conditions and cancellations. If you undertake even a fraction of those recommendations and you’re serious about your stag do then we look forward to welcoming you as a client. Whatever you book from a single activity to a multi-faceted long weekend, StagWeb is structured to be the absolute best at what we do and provide our clients with the ultimate levels of professional service. When all is said and done, nobody does it better than StagWeb. Why not call us now ...

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