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How to be the BEST bestman!

reaching the gold standard!


We’re talking about quality bestmen and the stag do in this useful piece but to put in some kind of everyday context there are good decorators and rogue tradies, top chefs and terrible cooks, smart doctors and frankly dangerous GPs. We’re all different; some of us are committed to raising the bar and some of us are … well ... not so great.  Some of us are born to do the jobs we’re in (like StagWeb), some of us are not. It follows gentlemen, there are poor (even close to hopeless) bestmen and at the other end of the scale the category we like to call the “BEST bestmen”. With all the help and expertise available there’s plenty of support to help you be a star and not … Uranus.

On top of new standards of best-mateship to the anxious groom there are a trio of elements that make up a bestman's official duties, essentially they are .

  1. The all important stag do
  2. The crowd pleasing speech and ...
  3. The wingman wedding day support

We've got tips for helping with the speech here, big day pointers here and we're all about how to deliver an amazing stag do throughout the StagWeb site, but this page is a useful reminder for game winning stag planning for the pinnacle reaching bestmen among you.

Rule 1 - invest your time or invest in the time of others.

Not much happens by chance. Let's face it Cheryl Cole hasn't realised how great you are yet and that darn lottery machine is fixed and not paying out the millions you're due. Roy Hodgson hasn't dialled the mobile for your opinion and you've not been star spotted by Spielberg. Alas it's true for most of us, we've just got to knuckle down and get on with it. And that's as true for the stag do as anything, the more time you take to take it seriously the better results you're going to get. Don't wing it, you're a bestman not a birdman! When the engagement dust has settled and thoughts turn to planning it's as simple as this . the more time you invest in the stag do, the better time you'll have on the stag do.

StagWeb says - invest your time speaking to experts (just make sure it's to validated expert), it's the best use of it and you access better results, recommendations and suggestions. Without question it's an investment in much, much better value. Gentlemen we're proud to say we'd put ourselves at the very top of the expert tree and we provide more guarantees ... as investments go letting us help is more than likely to give you the biggest returns.

Rule 2 - be thorough, know what you want.

Knowledge pays, information is power, a stitch in time, who let the dogs out . hang on . Anyway as far as you're concerned that means, in line with Rule 1 above, making the effort to discuss the groom's preferences and turning them into reality. Sure you may have to sprinkle a little reality on his hopes of an access all areas Miss World contest in Vegas, but other than that you want to try and get close to what he wants in line with a budget that reflects a realistic benchmark for you and the boys and a fun itinerary that's going to keep everyone happy. So try to get a grip on where to site the stag do and crowd pleasing content, get the bare bones and like a stag do Sherpa take the lead from there. Consider all the bases and an appropriate level of "what if" contingency, allow for a little flexibility to increase the rewards and like anything else if you want guarantees be prepared to make commitments. Being thorough at the beginning puts a some-may-say structured but necessary skeleton to what is, make-no-mistake, fully expected to be a monumental weekend.

StagWeb says - at the time planning a stag do might not seem like the most important thing you'll ever do but in terms of weekends it will be one of the biggest. Get it wrong and you'll have to live with the shame, the stag stigma, the unspoken groom groan. You sir are the bestman and however casually you approach it, nothing less than a successful result is expected, a lot of that is down to the assured itinerary you put together. Talk to us and we'll put you on the right road with solutions, suggestions and proven advice that guarantee results. On top of that, as a Client you can access to our hand picked suppliers. Consider us part of the team from the get go, if nothing else you'll feel a whole lot better for speaking to us.

Rule 3 - man up to admin.

It's fair to say this bit is not the glory part of the role, but gents it's without question the foundation upon which the afore mentioned glory is built. Coordinating the administration is frankly a necessary evil. There's no getting around it, you need to be on top of the paperwork to be on top of the game and you sir are pulling the strings. As the saying goes ... "suck it up buttercup". You're going to have to do your research, make a fair few calls, send a load of emails, coordinate finances, make reservations, check guarantees and booking conditions, make cancellations, change numbers here and there, all the while managing your fellow stags. Like a one way street, there are no 2 ways about it, you've got to admin up. But with Rule 1 and Rule 2 in play you're in a much stronger position.

StagWeb says - until you're a bestman or stag do organiser you're never going to truly appreciate the variables and demands of this position. Pull it off and you'll be acknowledged, even if you don't get the grateful thanks you deserve, and you're doing it for your best buddy, what's a little discomfort to help him with an outstanding weekend. But it's not a journey you have to take alone, there are services that help, be aware that some are obviously better than others. For our part we'd confidently throw our hat in the ring as the greatest gosh, darn service in the business . in the world. Tell us what you need and you can equally confidently put the admin in our hands and not only are you dealing with a dedicated, highly experienced expert who's juggling everything for you, you're benefiting from the best guarantees in the business and with the friendliest booking conditions. All you have to do is tell us what you need, pay a small deposit and settle the balance with final numbers 5 weeks prior to your do - we've got tools to help from start to finish, from sending out invites to chasing up the boys. Talk to us, you'll quickly see the time and money you'll save and why we're the best.

Rule 4 - extras can count double.

So you've got the itinerary in hand, the lads primed and the stag do is looking in superb group pleasing shape, now's the time to add a little dressing. A little extra effort and consideration can pay off big time. Look at where you can add a little extra magic to the weekend. Where are the windows in the itinerary, where does / could it slow up, where could you do a little more to take the memorability that bit further. You've set an uncommon standard already, there's nothing to say you have to do anything extra, just think of it as adding a little icing to the cake. Who doesn't like icing? Ok what normal, fun loving person doesn't like icing? Simply make sure nothing is left to chance, from arrival to transfers and guides, to venue selections to downtime. Do you want t-shirts, fancy dress, a few pranks, a private area in a bar, a late checkout, a cocktail reception, extra VIP entries, a PA announcement, limos, the list goes on. Control the casual as well as the formal and you sir are reaching golden bestman status.

StagWeb says - don't feel obliged but remember you are the skipper of the 'SS STAG DO' which means you're at the wheel until the weekend's over and the groom is back safely with his betrothed. We can help you with ideas outside of an outstanding functional itinerary which can add a dash of extras to the 'Je ne Stag quoi' of the weekend.

Rule 5 - stay in control.

This shouldn't come up and rarely does but if it shows up it can be momentarily challenging ... as far as the boys go you've got to keep control. You've done the hardwork in preparation (and contingency planning) and you'll get due respect for that, managing the boys on the weekend is the next part of it. You don't want the lads resisting your guidance or splitting off into splinter groups or worse still striking in the boozer and getting in such a state that they won't enjoy, or even miss, the weekends events. Your preparation as detailed above should avoid any of that, especially if it's clearly communicated, but if you have to address any challenging issues do it quickly and decisively. You may well have someone on the weekend that a few of you don't see eye to eye with but don't worry, this is one area where you can pull in the groom to opine as well, nobody's going to go up against you and the groom. And to be honest most of the lads are never that impressed by any tearaways either they're not the main event, so keep control and you'll keep everyone happy.

StagWeb says - don't go through all the hardwork you've done just to wobble at the first sign of resistance. Keep in control and meet any challenges head on, preparation and the rewards thereof will always trump dissension, leaders always take first place. For ourselves as well as being available right up to the event we're on call over the weekend itself, so if there are any contingency issues we can help with we'll be ready and in your corner. Rest assured with over a decade's experience and 250,000 clients we'll have the bestman successanswers you need.

Rule 6 - enjoy!

You've done the hard work, it's prepared it will deliver now go and enjoy it.

StagWeb says - there's little to add. Being the bestman carries a responsibility that not everybody appreciates (we do), the time, the effort and often the extra expense. Forget all that, write it off you can't do anything about it - just prepare really well, plan a great itinerary, control what you can, leave as little to chance as possible and you'll enjoy one hell of a stag do!

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