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Stag do planning is a key part of the bestman’s role, it is after all is a crucial part of the whole wedding experience. And that’s understating it, it’s a massive part of the matrimonial journey and for the lads, aka many of your best friends, it’s probably the single most important. They’re going to judge a duff stag weekend much harsher than an average speech, whatever happens, good or bad, they’ll remember the weekend. And the groom will never forget it. Get the planning right and you’re into stag treasure with a happy band of buccaneers, get it wrong and you’ll be walking the plank before ye know it!

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So with a little preparation and expert assistance mapping the stag do out is more straightforward than you think, in fact there’s plenty of opportunity to get it off your to-do list in no time and have decent, stand-up solutions for all of your needs from accommodation and entertainment to activities, adventure and transport. You’ve got to put yourself in the position to make better decisions and get better reward for your endeavours, don’t just dial a few numbers and hope for the best. You want real, measured, professional assessment, you want inside info and local knowledge, gentlemen you want hard earned, established expertise, don’t you deserve the best. Why wouldn’t you use StagWeb for advice! There’s nothing to lose.

Continuing with a nautical theme, and a journey into glittering stag treasure, the following are worth a timely shufty …

When are you heading on the stag do

When are ye to set sail?

Seasons, temperature and other events make a big impact on the date. You need to leave enough time before the wedding to give it some healthy heave ho, but not too much. Ideally it needs to form part of the pre-nuptial momentum rather than a stand alone event. Anything between 2 and 6 weeks is plenty enough time. However if there are special events to consider then plan to those and don’t worry about where it lands. Getting the date right is step number one, thereafter as much as you can stick to it! It not only keeps it simpler for you, it keeps the lads committed to a single date.

stag weekend location?

Where's ye headed

Land Ahoy? Where – where do you want to have the stag do? Home or away? There are so many great places in the UK and we’re probably one of the best countries in the world for quality activities and lively nightlife, but then we’ve also got Europe on the doorstep and it’s well worth considering. If you’re keen on going Continental then allow even more time for planning – for a start you’re going to need flights and they’ll need to be as cheap as possible which means booking early. Some of the lads might also need visas.

stag party pirates

Who are the stag do crew?

Decide early on who you’re going to invite, get everyone’s contact details and contact everyone at the same time, in plenty of time. Nobody likes to be asked as an extra, even if they’re not part of the A team. So whether it’s Captain Pugwash or Long-John-never-gets-a round-in, don’t vary the invites unless under express instruction for the groom, you’re job is made easier if you keep it simple.

The stag do treasure

What's the booty?

What are you seeking out, a mix of luxury and adventure, a particular activity or range of activities, pure nightlife gold? There’s no reason with the right planning you can’t have it all, or at least get the maximum return for your budget, but it does take preparation. If you know what you want it’s easier to plan for. Don’t take a flyer and expect it to work out, don’t just turn up you rapscallion. You’re charged with running one of the biggest events of the year, the success of the stag do skipper is down to you … shiver me timbers … time to raise the mainsail …?

There’s plenty more to consider but why not have a chinwag with one of our own seasoned stag do specialists, we're here to help you map your way to stag treasure!

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