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So it's time to start getting organised, no need to curse your luck, StagWeb's planning advice should help you prepare a legendary weekend! If you work around the key points below you can't go far wrong. No doubt about it preparing for a successful stag party takes plenty of organisation, coordination and commitment. The more you put in the more you get out, and if you’re organising something for your best mate (aka the groom) and the lads then this is the time to ‘bestman’ up!

Remember you can get StagWeb to help with everything - that's what we're here for (check out the packages below  or send your stag party ideas through the briefer).

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STAG 101 - Our stag party planning guide


Sure it seems a pretty straightforward consideration but you’d be surprised how quickly time goes and plans get knocked out of shape at late notice, so allow...

  • (a) At least a few weeks for you to coordinate (more if you need to consider international travel) and...
  • (b) Enough time to give the groom a breather / recovery period from the stag party before the big day arrives (recommend 3 weeks plus).

The earlier you book the more likely you are to get the best deals around or find out if you’re coming up against any challenges like attendance (some of the lads might be away) and availability (you want to avoid clashing - see No. 6). By starting early you’ll be in much better control.


Essential calendar planning for the stag party, it may be you’ll find some dates restricted due to attendance or availability issues. For example these are the kind of things you want to consider...

  1. When is the proposed event?
  2. What time of year? Are there any seasonal implications? Will the weather play a part?
  3. Is there anything going on that day you should be aware of?
  4. Does it clash with other events or weddings? The hen do? Birthdays? Crucial matches?
  5. Is it a public holiday?

It might seem simple but the implications need thinking about.


Check with the stag. Has he got any ideas on what he would and wouldn't like to do for his last boys’ weekend as a single man? Make sure you ask and as far as possible try to make it happen, remember the stag party needs to be a memorable (but risk free) occasion for the bridegroom.

  • Does he want to keep it local for more of the guys or celebrate abroad?
  • Should it last for a day or an action packed weekend?
  • Are there any ‘VIPs’ to think about, for example is the Father or Brother-in-law coming?

Here's a video from one of our most popular activities:


There can be loads of reasons for choosing a stag party destination, for example:

  • Preference, simply because the groom wants to go there.
  • History, maybe there is some historical significance from youth, school, etc.
  • convenience, to get all the lads together one place may work better than another.
  • Budget, some places are cheaper than others.
  • Activities, there could be something particular you want to do (eg bobsleigh in Riga,
    target shooting in Prague).
  • Style, some venues are more relaxed than others (eg banging Budapest or laid back Ljubljana).

If you still can't make up your mind, call us we’ll be happy to chat through recommendations and ideas on how to fit the right destination to your group. Now might be a good time to review our detailed city guide.


Does anyone have any special needs or health concerns that will restrict them doing anything? Will there be age or travel considerations? If yes make sure they're considered at the planning stage so that you can build the stag party around them as necessary. The other big consideration you have to make is the budget and value, not everybody is on the same page so you want the price point to be comfortable for the group as a whole but you don’t want to short-change on quality, so make sure you look past the initial price.


You're going to have to coordinate some attention deficit with the boys. Getting the lads to confirm might prove challenging, but getting advance funds may be trickier than a Bulgarian crossword. If your planning's efficient from the outset you’ll do great, get in touch with the guest-list asap and highlight the cost and what you need from them and when, (if flights are involved - tell them to book their flights). Once you've done that get them to confirm they're in, then bar a couple of drop outs here and there you'll have your numbers to work with. We’ve got loads of tools to help when you book and the deposit’s tiny and guaranteed, so you can get the party started easily. Another good idea is setting your event up on Facebook, it’s an easy way to keep the group involved - ps don’t forget to like this page!


At key periods - right up until confirmation, check the arrangements you've made and where you’re at in terms of finance and attendance. Send the lads an occasional reminder (whether it's to send you money, book their own flights, sort out their insurance or confirm whether they’re coming). Oversights do happen and it's important the stag party goes off without any glitches. What we do at StagWeb is give you a fully loaded itinerary with all the detail you need plus we send you a high value stag pack, so at all times you have maximum info and minimum fuss.


The difference between good and great stag parties is often in the attention to detail, so think about the extra considerations that could make the difference and also make you look fantastic, eg it’ll pay you to check out the following in advance...

  • Transport arrangements & options
  • Route-planners
  • The weather forecast
  • Activity & evening dress codes
  • Parking options
  • Catering (eating & drinking)
  • Check in / check out times

And make sure you've got any necessary paperwork (eg insurance, visas, etc).


Of course you should have a lot of fun but as the bestman you're at the wheel so it’s your job to keep everything rolling. Don't come off too heavy handed but do keep an eye on things and most of all make sure the Stag is looked after, on top of everything else it's your responsibility to ensure he has a fantastic time!


You can preserve the stag party by taking photos or filming some of the action just make sure it’s not too embarrassing, hurtful or harmful. It may seem nothing at the time but remember the bro code … "what goes on tour stays on tour".


Let's face it... at the very least it's going to be a big night, so make sure of a number of things. Imbibe the essential 2-pint water clearance before you go to bed. Do everyone a favour and leave the window open before you turn in. Know what's going on for breakfast - if you miss it have other arrangements worked out. Have some of your regular painkillers handy. And lastly, if due at the wheel, make sure you're safe to drive before your journey homeward. With all the stag party fun you'll have, there's no point having a bad ending.


If the good lady's waiting at home and not already sobbing into the arms of her relatives, remember she was good enough to allow you away for some stag party action in the first place. So to avoid the Spanish Inquisition on your return, tell her it was all pretty normal and bring her a gift.

And lastly... Good luck!


There's much to think about and get right, we’ve been coordinating events since 2001 and StagWeb know how to get the most out of your stag party. Whatever your choices you can rest assured we’re totally focused and 100% reliable, which includes the travel industry’s leading financial protection. When it comes to planning successful stag parties our services, guidance and value are second to none, why not send a brief in today and we'll get cracking!

Plus if you book your event through us we'll also send you our really useful bestman's guide absolutely free! So that's the stag party, speech and duties taken care of in one go! Cheers!

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