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Stag do party games

Dare cards, toy soldiers, knickers and guess who!


stag party games and dares

No stag do is complete without its share of man madness in the shape of some well-constructed stag do games. At StagWeb we never like to rest on our laurels or leave any stone unturned in our search to make sure you're fully prepared for all your stag needs. So we've constructed a few games that you won't find anywhere else on the web. So suit up, heads down and game on!

Dare Cards

Dare cards are easily bought but making your own can be far messier and much more interesting.

  • Their Round Get a stranger to buy you a drink.
  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight It's a classic, in fact its so good we want you to start singing it right now.
  • Girly Cocktail Head to the bar and order the girliest drink you can (the group will help you decide). No going back to your own tipple until you've finished it.
  • Score Bore Go and talk to another group but be as boring as possible, how long will they be polite before they make an excuse and walk away? If you make them laugh you lose!
  • Pole Dance Exactly what it says on the tin. Find a lamp post and get jiggy with it.
  • Kari-Blokie Result! You are now King and as is only befitting of your new status the rest of the stags must carry you to the next bar.
  • Superman Be a hero and put your pants on over your jeans.
  • Go Commando Find a quiet spot away from the crowds and do 50 push ups.
  • Get A Grip Arm Wrestle the groom, the loser buys the better man a drink.
  • Celeb Stalker Go up to a random stranger/star look-a-like and get their autograph.
Toy Soldiers stag games

Toy Soldiers

Props. A bag containing plastic toy soldiers. (see Stag Accessories)

The toy soldiers are carried in a bag by the Best Man, before entering each pub everyone in the stag has to put their hand in the bag and pull out a soldier. Once in the pub at a random moment the Best Man shouts the command "Assume the position!" and everyone has to take on the pose of their soldier. It's effectively the slightly drunken Rambo of stag party games.

Name That Tune

To keep the stag night games rolling you'll need three volunteers. Each of the trio must take it turns by chatting to some girls and during the conversation quote as many song titles and song lyrics as possible until they're rumbled.

The man who gets the most song references in chooses a shot that the losers have to swallow.


Props. A pair of knickers (see Stag Accessories)

All the stag party game players put a coin in the palm of their hand. When the Best Man says the word "Knickers" all the players open their palms to show their coin. The Best Man then counts up the number of heads showing and the numbers of tails. The players with the highest number of corresponding faces showing are safe while the rest play on, for instance if there are 15 of you on the stag and when the Best Man counts up and there are 8 heads and 7 tails then those with heads are all safe and the remaining 7 play again.
This continues until you have a loser. If it comes down to just two players then the "Decision Coin" (see Stag Accessories) will decide the outcome.
The loser has to put the knickers on over his trousers and keep them on until the next bar when the game is played again (to make it more interesting see if you can get the bride-to-be to donate a pair of hers).

Wax Attack

Props. A set of waxing strips

These are purely random moments. Every time a member of the party fails a challenge, doesn't take a dare or loses a game get a passing girl to use a waxing strip somewhere on his body.

Sir Spin-a-lot stag game

Sir Spin-a-lot

Props. Decision coin, alcohol

This is a simple drinking challenge. The player takes the "Decision Coin" (see "Stag Ideas") and holds it ready on a flat surface next to a pint of lager. He then spins the coin, once it is in motion he has the time it takes the coin to come to rest to drink his pint.

Guess Who

Props. Pen and paper, a bag or hat (or an empty pint glass will also do) and some shots.

Each player should write down a secret about themselves, fold it up and drop it into the hat or bag. The first player picks a secret out of the bag and tries to guess whose secret it is.
If they are wrong, the player guessing has to take a shot. If they are right then the person whose secret was revealed has to take a shot.


This is a variation on "Toy Soldiers". Everyone is assigned a position by pulling a piece of paper from out of a hat. On each piece of paper should be written different poses;

T-pot, aeroplane, swimmer, frog, bus driver, table, Freddie Mercury, peeing dog, cactus, pogo-stick, the laying hen, traffic cop, air guitar player, pole dancer, etc.

Everytime the Best Man shouts "Who are ya?" everyone in the group has to take the position they have been assigned.

Don't forget your props

Ben Hur

Props. A bunch of stupid but relatively fit blokes

Time to move on to the next bar.
Assemble the group outside and split them into even numbered teams and tell them which bar is to be your next port of call.
Now tell the teams they must decide who amongst them is the lightest, this man is now the "driver" and the rest of the team are now the "roman chariot".
Get them under starters orders and on your command the rest of the team must pick up their driver and race to the next bar. They can carry him any way they see fit but the driver's feet must not hit the ground at any time.

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