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You Pick

Choose from 100s of elite activity and accommodation options.


We Sort

Forget faff – we’ll arrange the whole package, you take all the credit! Book it with a small £40 deposit.


You Party!

Head off on an unforgettable weekend you and the boys will be talking about for years to come!

Don't Pay a King's Ransom

Ok so you're partying in King's Landing but that doesn't mean you should pay a king's ransom. With StagWeb we've got it covered and will provide you with the best deals so you can get a top hotel in a fantastic location right in the heart of the action without having to kidnap a Lannister.

It's Not Just Dragon Glass

It's real. StagWeb have a whole network of suppliers and the best Dubrovnik stag party hotels at the incredible rates. Not only do you get great choice, you get great savings.

Here's how the magic works…

If you book a hotel directly you'll pay standard rates as you're only making one booking. But here at StagWeb, because we book so many hotel rooms each year we get special rates, these are savings we can pass on to you.

"Why don't you just pocket the difference?"

Well yes, we could but that's not what we're about. Our job is to deliver top quality weekends, that includes savings. And if we don't save our groups money they don't go home and tell their friends about us. And they won't book again and their friends won't book with us either. A great percentage of our clients are stags who have booked or been on a StagWeb weekend before and know that we don't just save our stag groups time and hassle, we save them money as well. If we do a great job you'll come back, that's worth far more to us than simply squeezing an extra few quid out of guys who simply want a great weekend at a great price.

Save Money, Don't Scrimp On Quality

Just because you're saving money doesn't mean you won't get the best. We take the time to ensure all our hotels meet our high standards. And not just our standards, we get feed back from all our groups, if you guys tell us a hotel isn't good enough, we won't use it. With your input and our high standards we can be sure our Dubrovnik stag party hotels and self-catering properties provide the best weekends.

Location, Location, Location?

Yeah, Phil and Kirsty aren't wrong. Just like choosing your dream bachelor party pad, getting the best stag hotels is all about location. Our hotels give you an exact location so you can check the location out for yourself to see how close you'll be to the best bars and clubs (just a hop, skip and a pint away). You'll also get to see all the facilities and details of each hotel.

"What if I can't see what I want?"

Tell us. If you can't see a hotel that tailors to your needs then we'll set our Dubrovnik stag hunters into action and find the property you need. It's you weekend and we believe you should have it your way.

"When should we book?"

Now. Right now. Many destinations such as Dubrovnik are becoming really popular. Another thing with weddings is they all happen around the same weekends, that means the stag and hen parties are held during the same weekends so the sooner you can book the better. Leave it until late and more organised stags and hens could beat you to it. So book early.

"But what about flights?"

If you can't get flights then we'll either help you choose a better destination with cheaper flights or give you your deposit back (terms and conditions apply).

"Thanks, that was very informative."

Aww shucks, go on, get out of here ya little scamp. You go have a great weekend. Check out our Dubrovnik stag party hotels and then drop us an email with your preferred dates and activities we'll make the magic happen.

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