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Why StagWeb?

To put it simply, we've got all the right contacts. Although Llangollen is a really popular tourist destination, hotels and accommodation are pretty thin on the ground, meaning that prices often go through the roof even though facilities are less than impressive. Handily, we've got connections to the best hotels in the area so you all know you'll be getting a great deal – we never settle for anything less than fantastic value.

What's ABTA?

It looks impressive and sounds fancy but we wouldn't blame you if you actually have no idea what ABTA is! We love to flash their logo all over our website because it means that our company stands for quality, service, top value and a guarantee that every single penny of yours is safe in our hands. An abbreviation for the Association of British Travel Agents, ABTA is made up of a group of providers who are totally passionate about travel – and now you can be a part of it too!

Is our money safe?

You bet. Because we're bonded with ABTA, we have an obligation to keep all of your money safe from the day you book right through to your big stag weekend. Whatever happens along the line with activities or a night out in the destination of your choosing, we're on hand 24 hours a day when you're away to sort out any mishaps. One of the biggest stag do bugbears amongst best men, brothers and grooms alike is the dreaded payment deadline, when you're responsible for gathering the cash from every single one of your mates. Flaky friends and grumpy family members lie ahead! Luckily, when you book with StagWeb, you have the opportunity to use our advanced online payment system which means everybody is given their own specific login, allowing them to pay their own balance for themselves in their own time. Awkward moments officially avoided.

What kind of accommodation is right for us?

That gents, is up to you and you only! Granted, the pickings are a little slim in quiet Llangollen but whatever it is you're looking for, we'll do our best to find the ideal hotel, hostel, self-catered or Playboy mansion (okay, so the last one might be a tiny bit of a stretch in North Wales). Consider how much time you intend to be spent indoors relaxing or outside appreciating the countryside, how many lads are going away on holiday as well as the proximity to local central attraction that you'd prefer. Somewhere comfortable and convenient to stay is top of the list and far more important that you might think – get it right and the stag weekend is all set up! Luckily, we only choose the very highest quality for our accommodation options, so you can rest assured that you're settling for nothing less than the best.

Where should we be in Llangollen?

It's handy to note that the town centre in this small destination in North Wales is nice and compact, so you'll never be far away from all the best restaurants, bars and entertainment wherever you stay. We'd recommend hanging out by the river's edge if you're looking for cool cafes, cosy pubs and good eats – there's no need to stray far to find top quality here. The locals and tourists alike here are always very friendly, so you'll feel right at home and in good company from the moment you arrive! A great base is really important when you and the boys want to enjoy your weekend and when you book with StagWeb, it's not difficult to find. We love this little town in the North Welsh countryside and so we're always keen to test drive the beds, bars and restaurants for you. Ah, it's a tough job...

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