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We’re not going to lie – Rome isn’t the cheapest stag destination in the world, and the Rome stag accommodation isn’t always budget friendly either. It’s one of the most popular and busy cities in the world, full of business visitors, conferences, exhibitions, culture, theatre, opera, arts… oh, and a few tourists too.

If you want to have enough euros left over for a few glasses of wine at the end of the night then, you’re going to want to be cutting accommodation costs wherever you can. Here’s how StagWeb can help you do just that:

  1. Booking in advance
  2. The easiest way to save is to get in first with your bookings. StagWeb let’s you make changes to your booking up to 6 weeks before you all jet off, so you can book with confidence knowing you’re not going to be stuck in an agreement that doesn’t give you any wiggle room should plans change. We can also hold accommodation for a few days while you get final confirmation from the guys, so you don’t end up missing deals, or paying for lads who drop out.

  3. Knowing the value
  4. If you are going to be splashing out a little more on the accommodation, you want to be sure you’re staying somewhere worth that extra cost. There are thousands of hotels in Rome to fit in the millions of tourists, and not all of them are high enough quality to compensate for the rates. If you want to be sure of getting somewhere that’s good value for money, it’s worth booking with a company that knows the city… one like we do.

  5. Finding deals and discounts

StagWeb has been sending out stag and hen parties since 2002, and that’s given us plenty of time to make friends and build partnerships with hoteliers and chains around the world. In Italy and all across Europe, we’re able to use those professional relationships and our repeat custom in order to negotiate better rates and offers than a single group of stags can do alone… and we pass those savings on to you. Since we’ve been sending stag groups to them for 12 years, we also have built up a level of trust that groups on their own don’t get, enabling you to avoid those premium rate stag charges.

If all that wasn’t enough reason to book with StagWeb? There’s also our unparalleled customer service, and dedication to you and your stag do. A phenomenal 96% of our clients say they’d book with us again in the future… and you can find out why, and what keeps bringing them back, just by checking out a few of our reviews here. Once you’ve flicked through, and started planning your stag do, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling on your Rome stag weekend!

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