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stag party

One car, one sledgehammer, one epic afternoon!

Let's Do This!

Activity footage may vary depending on location.

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CARnage CARnage CARnage CARnage CARnage

What's Included

  • One Car
  • Car wrecking tools
  • Safety Equipment

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  • Icon durationDURATION
    2 hours
  • Icon groups sizeGROUP SIZE
    Minimum of 10 stags
  • Icon availabilityAVAILABILITY
    All year round
  • Icon dresscodeDRESS CODE

What You’ll Be Doing

So What's the plan

  • You'll be shown the once beautiful car
  • Put on your safety gear
  • Pick up your tools of destruction
  • Have at it!
  • It's the ultimate stress toy
  • You'll have 5 stags per car

Please note... show more

We work with 1000s of suppliers across the UK & Europe so prices, availability, photos and specifics on our CARnage activity may vary depending on your preferred location and dates.

Feel free to ask your Destination Specialist at the time of booking if you have any questions about this.

Where can you do this?

Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg

Share with the boys!

It's the ultimate stress toy on a grand scale!

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More about Stag Do CARnage...

Cars, we love 'em. In fact, we don't know what we'd do without them. They get us to football training, take us on dates, allow us to sing-along to our favourite songs. Really loudly. We really feel cars deserve to be celebrated.

But just every once in a while, they can really p*** you off. The exorbitant insurance, being stuck in rush hour traffic. Every day. That guy that cut you up at the roundabout and didn't even apologise.

Yeah, sometimes cars just have to pay.

And now they will!

Working in teams of five you can finally let go of that road rage. But it doesn't have to be car induced anger, whatever is on your mind you can finally just let it all go.

  • Passed over for promotion... Whack!
  • Had enough of wedding planning... Smash!
  • Were born a West Brom fan... Kablamo!

There's no subtle art form here, it's exactly what it says on the tin. CARnage.

You'll have one old car and a huge pile of wrecking tools to get busy with. You and the guys can then just go nuts and beat the car to as many pieces as you want. There'll be five stags to every car so you can work as a team to get truly creative about your destruction.

After weeks of wedding planning this could be exactly what the groom needs. He doesn't care what flavour the cake is, or what colour the napkins should be, or how many doves need to be released while the string quartet plays. All we knows is the wedding is costing him a fortune, he's not really involved in any of the decisions that are rapidly emptying his bank balance and he needs to let off some steam.

Have at it!

7 things to think about when knocking 7 shades of s**t out of a car.

  • The pay rise you didn't get (again!) this year.
  • Your morning commute (trains, traffic jams, etc).
  • How Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea (delete/insert as appropriate) managed to go out of the cup with a whimper yet again!
  • How much you're having to spend on a new suit and wedding gift for the groom.
  • Milton Keynes
  • Ned Stark getting killed off in Game of Thrones ("Why Ned, whyyyyyy???")
  • The loss of yet another good man as he takes the leap into matrimony when he still had so much to live for!

"StagWeb were excellent from start to finish."

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5 Stars

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