Archery in Cheltenham

What's Included
  • Bows and arm guards
  • Arrows and targets
  • Deadly stag competition
  • Experienced instructor
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Key Details

  • Duration 1 hour.
  • Group Size Minimum of 6 stags.
  • Availability 7 days a week.
  • Dress Code Non-restrictive, warm clothing.

  • Introduction and safety briefing.
  • All the stags will select a bow and be shown the basics.
  • Practise session.
  • You'll then take it in turns to step up to the oche and launch your arrows in a series of rounds.
  • Lets...
  • Play...
  • Archery!

Depending just how 'merry' the men are, a sporting stag competition that involves handing them potentially lethal medieval weaponry might not seem like a great idea. However, archery is really simple for most lads to pick up and a great way to get some rivalry going. And while we might just, it's worth knowing that an arrow from a fully drawn English longbow was capable of piercing armour.

You'll be given an all-important safety briefing (we don't want the groom to have to go home and explain a new piercing to the bride-to-be) and some basic instruction on holding the bow, placing your feet, aiming, correct way to hold the string and arrow, etc. After a few practise sessions you'll then get your game faces on and let fly. You can opt to shoot individually or put yourselves in teams.

Archery QI
  • The practice of archery was a legal requirement for Englishmen during the medieval ages to help defend us from invaders.
  • Henry the VIII banned football as men were playing football rather than practising with their bows.
  • He was also the first man ever to own a pair of purpose-built football boots. Slightly hypocritical perhaps?
  • The archery practise field was known as "the butts" (a target was called a 'butt'). You'll see evidence of this in most towns and cities with streets still named "The Butts".
  • Big screen Robin Hoods include; Sean Connery, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner.
  • Big screen Robin Hoods with bad/non-existent English accents include; Sean Connery, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner.

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