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Archery in Newcastle

Get the merry men together for some deadly competition

archery archery archery

What's Included

  • Bows and arrows
  • Arm guards and targets
  • Experienced instructor
  • Excellent stag competition
  • All StagWeb's Extras

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  • Icon durationDURATION
    1.5 hours.
  • Icon groups sizeGROUP SIZE
    Minimum of 6 stags.
  • Icon availabilityAVAILABILITY
    7 days a week.
  • Icon dresscodeDRESS CODE
    Wear loose, unrestrictive clothing.
  • Icon locationLOCATION
    Under 18 miles (approx 25 minutes) from city centre.

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This page provides a general guide to our archery activity. We work with 1000s of suppliers across the UK & Europe, so please be aware that specifics & photos may vary.

Feel free to ask your Destination Specialist at the time of booking if you have any questions about this.

What You’ll Be Doing

So What's the plan

  • Safety briefing and introduction.
  • Coaching and practise session.
  • It's then time to put your game faces on and get competitive.
  • Why not up the ante by wagering a flagon of fine ale with the rest of the merry men?

Share with the boys!

Try your hands at medieval sharp shooting in some seriously competitive stag action.

archery in newcastle stag party activity 1

archery Stag Party in newcastle

You'll need balance, poise, accuracy, vision, timing, action and hand to eye coordination. Not always something evident in a group of potentially hungover blokes. But this great competition is a great leveller and something all the lads will enjoy. It is after all in our blood.

Englishmen have been settling disputes with arrows for years. Sites such as Hastings, Agincourt, Crecy and Lakeside are all renowned for great battles. So like those warriors of old... "Let's. Play. Darts!"

You'll meet your instructors who will give you a quick safety briefing before taking you to the range. The whole group will then be coached in the basics like making sure you aim the pointy end. After some practise shots it will then be game on.

To up the ante and get more competition going we'd recommend you shoot as pairs or in teams, which will soon get even more banter going. Or you could introduce a little wager with forfeits for the losers.

Archery QI

  • A number of Kings required all Englishmen by law, to practise archery every week so they could be called upon in war.
  • Henry the VIII took things one step further though by banning football, after young men started skipping archery in order to play in local matches.
  • However, it's a lesser known fact that Henry the VIII was the first man to own a pair of purpose made football boots.
  • English longbows did decide a number of important battles including Agincourt where the English were heavily outnumbered by the French.
  • An arrow from an English long bow could pierce plate armour.

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