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Castaway Island | Tahiti

Hire an island in Tahiti

What's Included

♦ Lagoon

♦ Boat (with captain)

♦ Car (and driver)

♦ Fully equipped kitchen

♦ Hostess

If you want a “Robinson Crusoe” tropical island escape then this is the real deal. This stunning tranquil and private island is completely remote, 20 miles from the nearest village where you and your party can escape the madness of your 9-5 lives on a small atoll in French Polynesia. Surrounded by sea on all sides the “motu” is only accessible by a lagoon which is rich in natural wildlife.

Welcome to your own tropical stag island paradise.

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Island 1


The island will be exclusively yours for the duration of your stay. The lodge is made mostly of materials picked up on the island keeping perfect balance with the environment. It comprises of three bedrooms, each with mosquito nets and fans. A living room can create extra sleeping space and you’ll have a fare potee which is an outdoor lounge for true beach living. You’ll also find a study, library, bathroom, toilet, dining area, fully equipped kitchen and laundry. Solar panels provide the electricity however there is also a generator that can run on coconut oil. Rainwater is collected on the roof tops to complete your Castaway life. The accommodation sleeps up to 14 stags.

If you want a “Robinson Crusoe” tropical island escape then this is the real deal
island 2

Pampered Lifestyle

You might not wish to be completely cast adrift Bear Grylls style so you’ll be pleased to know a hostess is there to organise breakfast, lunch and dinner using organic vegetables and honey delivered by local farmers and fresh fish, crustaceans and seafood from the local fisherman. The all inclusive rates cover three daily meals, coffee/tea and homemade lemonade.

And so you can completely relax as we’ve also laid on a boat (with a captain of course) and your own car and driver.

Anyone for island cricket?
Island 3

Beach Boys

As well as being able to chill out on the beach in the evenings with some ice cool beers you can explore the connecting motus and coral reef with snorkelling an absolute must in the tropical paradise. You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the coconut palms and sandy beach by just soaking up the sun or some impromptu beach sports. "Anyone for island cricket?"

Other beach watersports are available including stand up paddle boards and sea kayaks. You can fish in the lagoon if you fancy reeling in your own supper which you can then cook over a driftwood fire on the beach. A private boat and car are at your disposal for trips off the motu to the ancient village of the long island, Bird Island, and the surrounding atolls and lagoons.

Fish in the lagoon if you fancy reeling in your own supper which you can
then cook over a driftwood fire on the beach
Island 4

When to Visit

Temperatures range between 23°C and 30°C all year. April to October are refreshingly cool in a perfectly tropical way, due to southeast trade winds. The austral summer from November to March is heavier and brings more frequent rains, tropical storms may occur but this is par for the course in this part of the world.

This is the ultimate desert island escape...
Island 5


You’re not Tom Hanks and with the hostess and deliveries of local fresh produce you’re a long way from beach survival however the stunning French Polynesian setting and incredibly unspoilt, natural surroundings will have you wondering whether David Attenborough might be about to appear at any moment with a film crew in tow "Here we see, Stagus Maximus, in their natural environment, sitting in the sun, drinking ice cool beers and enjoying the banter as they talk utter b..."

This is the ultimate desert island escape with all the comforts of home with added extras such as lagoons, palm trees, endless miles of unspoilt rolling surf and sunsets that will turn even the most ardent devotees of city life into beachcombing horizon watchers. Stag party paradise.

from £700 per person* for 3 nights

Call us on 01225 474200

*Maximum 14 guests, flights not included.

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