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Key Island Getaway | Florida

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survivors

What's Included

♦ Swimming pool

♦ Games room

♦ Private boat


♦ 2 x boat docks

♦ Helicopter launch pad

Live life like a rock star with your own piece of rock and roll, an idyllic island overlooking the rolling waves of the Atlantic. Exclusively yours for the duration of your stay, this island paradise sits in the heart of the Florida Keys. The climate which is classed as "tropical savanna" offers the a mix of sun-kissed days and balmy tropical nights which will be the perfect tonic for the groom ahead of his big day.

The Caribbean landscaping is touched by the Atlantic Ocean breeze which brings a welcome relief to those heady days you’ll spend lazing beside the pool or relaxing on the beach. The property itself covers 5000sqft and is just a short hop to the airport and within striking distance of Miami.

An idyllic island overlooking the rolling waves of the Atlantic
Island 1

Total Escape

Having the island totally to yourselves affords you the opportunity to create your own water or beach games to get a little healthy competition going amongst the guys. Alternatively it's catch of the day to see who can land supper. The options are as limitless as the view and you can choose to unwind and relax with a few sports or just chilling in the inviting waters. But if you do find yourself in need of a big night out there are restaurants, bars and shops within easy reach and even Miami is just a mere 2 hrs so is a great option for a day out if you can tear yourselves away from your tropical paradise long enough.

Island 2

But to be honest why would you when there is so much already there?

This is total relaxation on a Floridian scale, hot days, cool nights, no end of adventure and activities for your guests to immerse themselves in or you can all stay by the pool and enjoy the sunshine and good company. An exclusive getaway where you’ll create a memory that will last a lifetime as you help the groom say farewell to his last carefree days of the bachelorhood and there really is no finer setting.

An exclusive getaway where you'll create a memory that will last a lifetime...
Island 3


Surrounded by coral reef, watersports are an absolute must, snorkelling and scuba diving are easily accessible. In fact even a relaxing afternoon fishing is given a decadent twist with a 21ft Carolina skiff at your disposal to get out onto the waters which of course being on an island gives you 360 degree headings to go off and explore.

Not that fishing can be considered completely tranquil in this part of the world where flying fish, marlins, barracuda and tuna fish can all be found. It’s also fairly common to see dolphins jumping though the bow waves coming off the launches and local boats. There is a rich vain of wildlife in the area and dolphin and whale watching trips are available as well as a variety of water craft such as jet skis and waterskiing.

from £500 per person* for 3 nights

Call us on 01225 474200

*Maximum 8 guests. Flights not included.

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