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Scottish Island Hideaway | Scotland

Scottish Island Hideaway

What's Included

♦ Exclusive island retreat

♦ Farmhouse with sea views

♦ RIB transport from shore

♦ Use of island "cutty"

♦ Incredible local wildlife

Just a mile long and half a mile wide, for one weekend you will be lords of all you survey as the groom-to-be is whisked away with his closest mates for a total stag retreat tailor made for stags who like to be a touch more exclusive.

Your adventure begins when you’re picked up by RIB which will bounce across the waves as it takes you to your island. Once you’re all ashore you’ll have plenty to explore and time to get set up for your weekend. Of course make sure you’ve remembered to bring provisions because it’s a long swim back to shore.

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Island image 1

Lords of the Island

This really is an exclusive package where you and the groom’s party can set up home for one unforgettable weekend. Organising any wedding can be a stressful affair so as his best mates it’s only right that you find the a complete escape for the groom to let his hair down and completely forget about seating plans and wedding dresses for awhile. Of course with a mile and a half to play in it also means you’ll plenty of space to set up some epic stag challenges. And as with space, on an island stag do, no one can hear you scream.

Don't forget to bring the scotch...
Island image 2

Setting the Scene

Of course you won’t be left roughing it, the island has a farmhouse with a well equipped kitchen, sea views, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open fire and a spring for water. Or for big water you’ll also have a “cutty” (motor boat) with a full tank of fuel so you can get out on the water for a spot of fishing or just in case someone did forget to pack the scotch. This really is a total escape, no cars, no traffic wardens, no packed pubs where you’ll have to wait to get served. You’ll be your own bartenders and cocktail makers, cooking will have to be shared between the stags to create your own menus.

Island image 3

The local area will provide a bountiful supply of nature to enjoy, whether it’s catching your own fish ready for dinner or marvelling at the sea eagles and golden eagles that are well established in the area. Porpoises and dolphins are also very common in the area making a voyage on the cutty a must.

Your own private wilderness...
Island image 4

Get out and Stay Out!

Of course in your own private wilderness there’s plenty of room for doing like Bears do in the woods. No not that, we mean the other Bear, Grylls. You can set up your own survival missions and enjoy the wild, setting the groom and his guest a number of challenges. With a well stocked sea larder on hand to catch and cook your own meals it’s just a case of whether you go full stag for a day or all hustle back to the safety of the farmhouse and something which involved less scaling and comes in handy packet form for any stags who are domestically challenged.

This is a great island retreat for any group of friends who want to give the nearly-wed an unforgettable send off far away from the maddening crowd and with his best mates with him sharing the adventure.

from £400 per person* for 2 nights

Call us on 01225 474200

*Maximum 8 guests, Flights not included.

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