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Top 007 stag activities – Bond style!

007 James Bond style stag do

He’s the man we’ve all envied since we were old enough to understand the difference between a Jag and an Aston Martin, Bond is something of a superhero. From 1962’s Dr No to Skyfall which is out later this year everyone’s celebrating the 50th anniversary of the franchise – so it was only right that we helped all you 007-loving stags out there to inject some of the suave player into your stag weekend. Here are the top 007 options for you sir…

007 experience day

Get yourselves an awesome gadget-packed day in Brighton courtesy of our excellent 007 experience. It sees you re-enacting parts from all the films with the great chase, the deadly cocktail drive, shaken-not-stirred, licensed to kill, quadraker, helicopter airborne, swamp crossing and the Oddjob’s bowler. Relive Dr No where Bond and Honey Ryder hide underwater and breathe through reeds to escape in the exhilarating swamp crossing activity, and since Bond is a renowned connoisseur of wine you’ll get to mix cocktails and practise your shaking in our shaken-not-stirred activity. Book a 007 experience stag weekend.

thames rib voyage

We all remember the chase off in From Russia with Love and the car-come-boat in Live & Let Die so hit the waters of the Thames in this adrenaline-fuelled voyage! The boats are high-speed and will set the pace for an action-packed, exciting weekend with the boys. The drivers are stand up comedians too so pack in a bit of banter and expect raucous laughs as you speed along. Music is piped out, so why not bring a compilation of James Bond theme tunes to set the cool 007 mood. Book a thames rib voyage stag weekend.

stunt driving

Where would any of the Bond actors have been without their trusty stunt doubles? Get yourselves a bit of the stunt action with this full day driving experience- split into groups, pack your afternoon with fantastic stunt events and get a cheese burger and cake lunch included! You’ll get to take part in a two car high speed shoot out, double decker bus chaos, a handbrake masterclass and car chase ace. Book a stunt driving stag weekend.

target shooting

Fire the legendary PPK Bond gun in one of the most epic stag weekend activities you can embark on. Try other great guns, from Glocks to Magnums to the powerful AK47 with an expert instructor on hand the whole time. Go all Die Another Day on the targets and re-enact some great 007 shooting action on this top stag do activity. Book a target shooting stag weekend.

freefall stimulator

Whether you’re a Superman fan or want to embrace the title of new Bond film Skyfall this unusual stag do activity will be a winner with all the lads. You’ll get kitted up in the appropriate clothing before getting an expert safety briefing and cruising yourself over to the simulator. You’ll get to try out one of the first vertical air tunnel’s in Europe where you can break the laws of gravity and fly with the help of a giant fan, blasting out an air stream of 180-200km/hour. Book a freefall simulator stag weekend.

cocktail mixing

We’ve all heard the legendary “shaken not stirred” line and with this activity you can shake up your stag do with a range of martini’s and exotic drinks. You’ll get hands on experience with the ‘make your own’ session, letting you create your own cocktails from scratch and make a drink that 007 would be proud of. You’ll get to taste the classic cocktails before trying your hand, so no fear if what ensues is a blue disaster! Book a cocktail mixing stag weekend.

casino trip

Feel the tension in the final poker scene of Casino Royale? Re-enact the epic slow roll from Bond and potentially win some drink money for the big stag night at one of the best casinos around with our casino stag do activity. Fix your bow-tie’s Bond style and if you’ve had a few too many vodka martini’s then be aware you might not achieve high-rolling status at the tables. Try your hand at roulette while sipping a Bond-esque liquor and hoping for lady luck! Book a casino style stag weekend.


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