Stag do match up: Algarve vs Amsterdam

Algarve V Amsterdam stag do match up

So far the epic stag match-ups have seen Budapest beat Bournemouth and Newquay beat Prague in some very close matches, so it’s time for another exhilarating round in the ring. This time it’s the Algarve versus Amsterdam, not an easy one to call!

Each subsection is rated out of 5 to find an overall score …

Algarve and Amsterdam – GET READY TO RUMMMMMMBLE!


Nightlife: 3 points. The sunny Algarve makes the most of the daytime, with excellent activities and a great climate, but the nightlife isn’t as busy as other areas. Saying that, there’s a great casino and lap dancing club, plus the chance to go on a booze cruise for some liberations on the water.

Food and drink: 3.5 points. You’ll be happy to know that booze is very cheap in Algarve- bottles of wine start at about €2 and in the pubs spirits (good sized measures) are about €3 and small beers about €1.50. That’s in the local café’s and bars though, if you’re heading to a popular chain or club expect to pay more. Fish and seafood are a big part of the food in Algarve and traditional Portuguese food includes sardines, potatoes and salad as well as chicken piri-piri and pork slices in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Activities: 4 points. Loads of the activities in Algarve involve the sea and beach, with a top one being the BBQ cruise. The mud buggy safari is amazing fun and ringos are sure to give the boys some hilarious memories to take home with them as you ride the waves in a solo inflatable ring.

Sights to see: 3 points. The most striking sights tend to be of the beaches and the sea, with Falesia Beach stretching for miles and the Ponta da Piedade offering clear sea and caves. The area’s ideal for any stags wanting to spend time doing activities and lying on the beach rather than soaking in the sights.

Total: 13.5 points.


Nightlife: 4 points. There’s the coffee shops and Red Light District as well as a great casino, comedy club and lap dancing club. Everyone’s heard of the city’s legendary nightlife, so it earns an excellent 4 points.

Food and drink: 2 points. There isn’t much in the way of traditional Dutch food in Amsterdam but the restaurants in the city centre offer a range of other cuisines such as Indonesian, Italian, Chinese and Argentinean steakhouses. There’s the odd pancake restaurant too. In terms of drink, the city serves a lot of Heineken and cheap wine, but in general spirits and drinks tend to be quite expensive (though no more than London).

Activities: 4 points. There’s a great range of activities centering around sport and adventure, and unusual kudos goes to the great Amsterdam beer bicycle. There’s target shooting, paintballing and go karting to keep you busy and for something more relaxing there’s football spectating and cocktail mixing.

Sights to see: 4 points. Although chances are if you’re heading for an Amsterdam stag do culture isn’t forefront on your mind, you can’t help but notice the great sites and architecture around. There’s Dam Square, Vondelpark and the canals, and even the Red Light District is a sight to see with the electric atmosphere and amusement-park colours.

Total: 14 points

What’s the score George Dawes?

Amsterdam edges it by a mere 0.5 points, most likely due to the great sights and exciting nightlife! That’s not to say that an Albufeira stag do doesn’t have its merits however, it has some excellent beach activities and a weekend by the sea and let’s not forget the golf.

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