The stag do match up: Prague vs Newquay


Gents we hope you’re ready for the next round in our stagtastic wrestling style match up, first round saw Budapest beat Bournemouth by a mere 0.5 so tensions are up and competition is high for this exhilarating match!

We’re rating each subsection out of 5 to find an overall score …

So Prague and Newquay – GET READY TO RUMMMMMBLE!


Nightlife: 4 points. Famous for its huge clubs, Prague offers up incredibly cheap beer (Pivo) and a buzzing environment. There are first-rate bars, restaurants, clubs and lap dancing venues – enough to keep any stag happy. There’s the infamous strip boat and strip dinner to partake in as well as quality casinos and great bar crawls.

Food: 3 points. The Czech cuisine has its good and bad points – firstly we can recommend most of the meat dishes, they love ‘medallions’ of pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and rabbit with wheat dumplings and potatoes. Points are lost however by the sugar in a lot of Czech food – sauces, gravies and dressings are velký sweet and a common meal is noodles with sugar, ground poppy seeds and melted butter. Hmm.

Activities: 4 points. There are heaps of terrific things to get your teeth into on your Prague trip – including the exclusive-to-Prague Beer Spa and Jelly Wrestling! On top of the unusual stag do activities over there there’s all the normal ones too, including target shooting, paintball and go karting.

Sights to see: 3.5. There are a few good, cultural sights in Prague including the Prague Castle, The Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and the Savarin Casino, but compared to its European sister cities it’s not quite up there for stags. However, there are amazing bars, clubs and evening venues to be seen which are elaborate and striking in their own way (especially so after a few Pivo’s.)

Total: 14.5 points


Nightlife: 3.5 points. It’s cheap and cheerful down in Newquay so we can’t really knock a night out there too much. The upsides are the great range of pubs and bars, the excellent VIP nightclubbing that can be done and the chance to feast with the stags on a medieval banquet. Downsides are that there’s not a strip boat, casino or anything too different!

Food: 4 points. Whether you’re looking for some exotic tastes at Senor Dicks or ale and a pie at Smuggler’s Den there is a good selection of places to eat in Newquay and if it’s hearty English food you’re after then Newquay will sort you out. 

Activities: 4 points. Newquay is top notch for an active stag do – there’s surfing, coasteering and zap cats to be done by the sea and paintballing, quad biking and clay shooting to be done on land (as well as loads of other fantastic activities.) For a touch of the unusual try out knee boarding and virtual warfare and if you and the lads are looking for some time to relax then look no further than the great golf and fishing that the town offers.

Sights to see: 3.5. Newquay earns points for its beautiful beaches and coastline – head over to the beautiful Fistral Beach and Tolcarne beaches. There’s the great Newquay Zoo, Aquarium and Holywell Bay Fun Park for stags looking to fill their time in the town, and there are striking views over the waves.

Total: 15 points

So there we have it lads – Newquay wins by 0.5, another close shave! Head over to Newquay for some great surf and a whole lot of activity, or if you’re after a stag weekend that’s more relaxing than taxing get the boys over to Prague! Check out these links for some Prague stag do and Newquay stag do info!

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