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Five trends in men’s wedding bands

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You’ve done it: proposed, planned the wedding, even got used to the fact that her mother is going to be a part of your life forever. But before you head off on your epic stag do, there’s one more thing you need to think about. Your wedding ring is a big commitment. Chances are she’ll make you wear it every day, so you need to get one that suits you and the job you do.

Check out these five trends to help you decide. That is, if she hasn’t decided for you …

1. Classic

The classic yellow, white gold or platinum wedding band is still a firm favourite for a lot of men. For those who aren’t used to wearing jewellery, the classic plain band could be the one for you. It’s simple and timeless and doesn’t scream ‘look at me’.

Pros: Does what it says on the tin.

Cons: Slightly boring, and low corat gold scratches pretty easily.

Worn by: Classic crooner Michael Bublé.

2. Alternative metals

Alternative metal wedding bands are becoming increasingly popular. Metals like tungsten and titanium are popping up all over the place and each have their own unique qualities. Tungsten is a new technology, grey-white metal that’s very hard, durable and scratch resistant. Titanium can come in a variety of colours, is extremely hard and also lightweight.

Pros: Scratch resistant, great for men that work with tools.

Cons: Can’t be resized (so watch the post-wedding pounds).

Worn by: The sensible gentleman, Kevin McCloud.

3. Coloured and Two-Toned Rings

Titanium comes in a variety of colours, not just your standard metallic. This is great if you want a slightly wacky look, but she might be less enthused. Another emerging trend in men’s wedding bands is black ceramic. These rings are fashion forward, understated, and dare I say it, sexy?

Pros: Hardwearing, shows a little effort and consideration on your part.

Cons: Could look dated eventually, and it can’t be resized.

Worn (briefly) by: Russel Brand.

4. Texture

Brushed finishes, engraved and woven Celtic wedding rings are another option for unique wedding bands. These are great if you want to add a little interest to a classic band, or if you’ve got Celtic heritage you want to celebrate.

Pros: Very stylish, and reflect your personality.

Cons: You’re going to need to take Celtic ones off when you wash, or you’ll constantly be picking soap out of the holes. I learnt that the hard way.

Worn by: Newlywed Chris O’Dowd

5. Jewelled

Last but by no means least (certainly not in the price department) are jewelled wedding rings. You’ve shelled out a fortune for hers, so why shouldn’t you get some of the bling action? Jewelled rings are becoming far more popular for men who are comfortable with accessorizing, so if it takes your fancy, why not?

Pros: It costs as much as hers did (ha!).

Cons: It costs as much as hers did (ouch).

Worn by: David Beckham

But if you really don’t fancy a ring, you could always do a Jay-Z and go for the tattooed look. Nothing says ‘til death do us part’ like permanent ink.
Guest post: Kyra Kuik works for a creative internet marketing company in Seattle, WA.

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