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Our interview with BBC Radio’s smooth operator Graham Rogers

Today we got the fantastic chance to interview radio extraordinaire Graham Rogers on his thoughts about stag weekends, hangovers and his exciting career so far. Having worked for ITV, BBC, Sky and Classic Gold as well as being the voice of ITV1, ITV1’s National Television Awards and 60 Minute Makeover, he’s well versed in the world of entertainment with many fantastic experiences to share. This makes the friendly gent an ideal target for a StagWeb interview- we strive to provide you with gold standard advice from the best in the business. On that note, read on to hear what the expert presenter makes of our questions…

1. Being a well known DJ you must go to a lot of events … do you ever present with a hangover the morning after?

A long time ago, when I was presenting a Breakfast Show for a commercial radio station, I would regularly go straight to the radio station from a party or event.  Long before any hangover had a chance to kick in.

2. What are the best hangover cures you know of?

Plenty of water and a full English Breakfast.

3. Who’s been your most interesting interview?

status quo

I’m lucky, I get to interview loads of interesting people.  Recently, I have particularly enjoyed talking to Status Quo and Gregg Wallace from Masterchef.  However, it’s not always celebs that make the most interesting interview.

4. Your favourite 3 party songs?

Don’t judge me, these are not necessarily my favourites but they always work at a party, particularly after a few drinks.

Alice Cooper & Poison

The Proclaimers & 500 Miles

The Jacksons & Can You Feel It.

5. What’s your favourite city break destination?

New York.


6. What was the last stag do you went on?

That would have been my own – it was epic! We went hovercraft racing before going on a bit of a pub crawl and ending up in a curry house.

7. Any tips for travelling with a group of friends?

Book a room on your own.

stock car racing

8. Any activity you haven’t done that appeals to you?

I really fancy a day driving at a racing circuit and call me mad, I’ve always fancied doing a parachute jump.

9. Money no object what would you do for your ideal weekend?

That’s easy…  Take me back to my Water Villa in the Maldives where I went on my honeymoon.  Sunshine, delicious fresh food, complete relaxation and swimming with the fishes.  In complete contrast, I adore skiing, so I am always up for a trip to the mountains.

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