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Zombies, werewolves and S.W.A.T teams take over!


Chilling screams, echoing shrieks and blood splattered on the floors… welcome to our new activity experiences! Here at StagWeb we’re committed to offering above and beyond the norm for our clients- hence the development of our exciting new experience activities which include battling with zombies, fleeing from werewolves and crossing enemy territories as a S.W.A.T team.

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Zombie Boot Camp


Our zombie boot camp gives you an experience you’ll never forget- the group will split into fighting patrols before experiencing a ‘real life’ zombie invasion! You’ll get to set off on a series of missions to hunt down and destroy a local nest of zombies, before they get you…

Werewolf hunting

werewolf hunting

With the new werewolf hunting activity you’ll undergo expert weapon training before adorning your stab vests and bump hats. It’s then time to take on a series of traps and explosive booby traps, before learning how to set a pressure pad and trip wire. Once this ambush is put into place you’ll enter a series of werewolf hunting missions, trekking through dark woodland to find the enemy.

S.W.A.T Experience

swat experienceOn this terrific activity you’ll get to use paint-markers which are realistic replicas of some infamous guns- including the AK47 Assault Rifles and US Army M4 Carbines. You’ll learn gun skills, manoeuvre your way across enemy territories and carry on through anti-ambush drills and enemy fire. Teams will have to learn to react quickly, exit vehicles hurriedly and throw smoke to take part in the huge, stag-tastic mission.

You can find all these activities on our unusual stag ideas page here

These three terrific activities are exciting and realistic, providing a unique experience and giving you and the boys the ultimate stag weekend!

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