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The 7 craziest places to live : from billboards to walking houses…


Here at StagWeb we’ve pretty thoroughly covered unusual places to go on a stag weekend- whether you want to try snowmobiling in Reykjavik or beer bathing in Prague (both of which can be found on our website) so today we thought we’d expand to the weirdest buildings in which people actually live. That’s right folks, there are real people snuggling up in a billboard every night and waking up on the wing of an aeroplane. Read on for details…

1. Billboard Apartment



Why waste an ex-billboard by taking it down when you can turn it into an extremely tiny, eye-wateringly elongated apartment? These one bedroom apartments are an attempt at extreme recycling. Get yours now.

2. Walking House

walking house

If you’ve always dreamed of living a peaceful, nomadic life in a house that actually walks then this is the one for you. Making its way slowly through the landscape this is sure to impress and it’s engineered to be environmentally friendly, taking energy from solar cells and small windmills. It collects rainwater and the solar system heats it up, so not only will you look uber cool but you’ll be pleasing mother nature.

3. Water Tower House

water tower house

This impressive building is called “The Tower” and is a Tri Level House standing 85 feet tall. The architectural design of the water tower was combined with a great interior layout, including a spiral staircase all the way up. Best of all there’s a 360 degree view of the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Harbour and the San Gabriel River so it’s a top choice for superb views.

4. Living in a bridge

living in a bridge


The architect Max Pritchard wanted to live in the middle of lush green scenery, with nature at his doorstep. Not content with this nature being just cows and sheep he built this incredible house over a river, with all sorts of water creatures paddling around underneath, which he called The Bridge House. It consists of two steel trusses with concrete floors and steel decking, as well as  roof made of plantation pipes and transparent walls made of glass. The box house was recently valued at $175,000, not bad for a box on stilts.

5. Inside an Aeroplane

inside an aeroplane


You’ve caught us out on this one because it’s not actually a house where someone lives- instead it’s a hotel (and we’re buying our tickets there asap). The Hotel Costa Verde is located near Costa Rica and is a meticulously detailed two bedroom Boeing 727 fuselage suite and in its former life it transported globetrotters to South Africa from all over.

6. In a Church

in a church


This huge church is now a single-family home in San Francisco, built in 1909 and made into a house when church membership was dwindling. The buyer/ developer was businessman Siamak Akhavan who bought it for $2.25 million and spent a further $3m decking it out as a house. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an enormous living area and most impressively an incredible 360 degree view from the tower meditation room, this is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere spacious. And the good news is it’s back on the market, now you just need to find a cool $7.5 million.

7. Living on a boat

living on a boat

This ship residence sits on shore in Ohio and is what’s left of the former Great Lakes Shipping Boat, The Benson Ford. It was built by Henry Ford (of Ford Motors) and he named it after his grandson before it was put into use for 50 years. In 1986 it was scheduled to be scrapped when an Ohio couple stepped in and turned it into their private home.


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