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The ultimate guide to Barcelona



Barcelona is a cracking destination with a fantastic, sunny climate and a superb range of activities as well as the legendary nightlife you’ve no doubt heard of and the ever present popping up of cultural sights to keep you busy all weekend long. Set in between the sea and a range of wooded hills, it’s Spain’s most lively city and an ideal destination for stags all over- the restaurants, bars and clubs are top quality and the beaches present ideal opportunities for watersports (take on the stags with some healthy competition..)

It’s also got a total of five breweries and hundreds of pubs, which should be enough to get you booking your flights right now.

In short, it’s got a bit of everything and even the suggestion of heading to Barcelona should whip up a storm of excitement among the lads- if not only for the huge range of bars with pints of Estrella and San Miguel waiting to cool you down and set the pace. On that note then, read on for our top tips and for more information see our Barcelona stag do page.

Barcelona activities

It may be best known for it’s culture, climate and striking señoritas but you’ll be glad to know that the activities are also first rate, whether you make the most of the dazzling coastline or head for the stadium cheers. Our top 5 activities to try in the Spanish city are as follows:


1. Paintball. This is a winner wherever you’re headed- paintball is officially our most popular activity and a guaranteed winner among the boys. We’ve found a top quality group-pleasing venue so you can be sure of fun and fantastic value.

2. FC Barcelona Tickets. We’ll sort you out with advance tickets to a top game at your selected match (we can sort out tickets to all Premiership fixtures depending on availability) and hearing the roaring crowd and seeing the euphoria is a great way to set the pace for your big weekend.

3. Ringos. Ride the waves in one of these solo crafts and get hit with the adrenaline! A great way to make a splash and leave with top memories, ringos are a stag winner!

4. White Water Rafting. We can organise a half or full day session at this fantastic white water rafting venue, where you’ll ride high grade rapids and experience an unbeatable time with the boys!

5. Go Karting. For some serious Grand Prix go karting action check out our Barcelona go karting page, it’s one of the most fun things you can do with your clothes on (ahem) and without a doubt one of the top stag weekend activities!

You can find all of these on our Barcelona stag do activities page here.

Your Barcelona evenings

When it comes to hitting the nightlife of Barcelona you’ll want to do it right, do it right and you’ll end up with a terrific night that you’ll remember forever but do it wrong and you’ll end up in a back-street, sangria-soaked pub-come-cell with dodgy music and a four foot bar bill (trust us, you will.)

beach football

We can sort you out with top stag night experiences, check out our Barcelona stag night page for proof. We offer a top lap dancing experience in a quality venue so you and the boys can stick to stag tradition, or if you’re looking for more of an outdoors evening experience then some of the football games we can sort you out with tickets to take place in the evening. Check out our guided bar crawl where you’ll cut to the chase with a local English speaking guide taking you to the best, stag-friendly places in town and helping to make it a night to remember, or head to a top casino where you’ll get to achieve a high-rolling status and make like Mr Bond.

Alternatively if it’s food you’re after then our stag suppers are first rate, just let us know which cuisine you prefer and we’ll sort you out with tables at an excellent restaurant that’s confirmed to be stag friendly (there are some restaurants that put an absolute ban on large groups so let us organise it for you and you’ll be on to a winner). To get there in style we’d also be happy to organise you a limousine ride- after all you might as well go all out for the occasion!

And to top off the big stag night we’ll arrange VIP clubbing for you- we’ve done the homework and found the best clubs in the city so you can be assured that you’re in for a good night, and with queue jump and VIP entry pre-arranged by yours truly the night’ll be a veritable smorgasbord of staggering success.

Barcelona ‘useful’ facts

As you’ve probably guessed from the apostrophes we use the word useful loosely, these facts probably wont be any use at all when you visit the city but might make for a bit of pre-stag pub convo. At any rate they might make useful opening lines when you do hit the pubs of Barcelona, as long as you’re prepared for an eye-roll and potential put down from the local señorita whom you’re trying to impress.

1. Barcelona was created by Hercules or Hannibal. The origin of the city is actually unknown, with people split between the city being founded by either Hercules or Hamilcar Barca, the father of Hannibal

FC Barcelona

2.  The Barcelona stadium is the biggest in Europe with a capacity of 100000 people.

3. Drivers in Barcelona are supposedly the worst in the world, with someone crashing every 19 seconds. It’s officially safer to walk than drive.

4. Barcelona beach was listed as number one in the world by National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. The city has a total of 7 beaches.

5. In Barcelona lunch is at 2pm and dinner is at 10pm, so prepare to wait if you’re sticking to Spanish traditions over there.

6. FC Barcelona – the player the fans gave all the credit for the 2009 Champion’s League Trophy was Lionel Messi, who’s actually from Argentina.

7. Before 1992 Barcelona didn’t have any beaches. The whole seaside was rebuilt with beaches, restaurants and bars for the Olympic Games.

And if that doesn’t sort you out for Barcelona conversation starters we don’t know what will (except that earlier fact about the five breweries- potentially more useful for Estrella-bound stags).

There you have it- a whole range of terrific reasons to stray away from the UK and embrace Spanish culture for guaranteed stag success.

Now one for all the football fans out there, here’s 301 goals by Lionel Messi…



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