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She runs over to you, screaming in delight and throwing her arms around a stunned stag, telling him how happy she is that they got married last night and flaunting her wedding ring. Welcome to the fake bride prank, one of a new series of pranks we’ve made available to turn your dishwater stag weekend into a foamy sinkfull of epicness that the stag will never forget (for better or worse). There’s often much pressure to make the stag do legendary so throwing in a few of these quality pranks will not only add extra kudos (since more traditional pranks involving Ann Summers equipment and lamp posts don’t quite have the x-factor anymore) but the stag should hopefully see the funny side, cue banter galore. Check out the following, treat the lucky groom-to-be and turn your average stag night into the stuff of legend…

Fake Bride prank

Sexy Bride


This prank will lead to a classic “The Hangover” moment – your whole group can be involved in this prank which leads the forgetful stag to believe he married a stripper last night and forgot all about it! Included in the prank is a fake marriage certificate, a fake ring, the bride herself and a sexy strip show!

Roly Poly Show prank


Ensure some epic banter (and even more epic pictures) with this terrific prank – you’ll get a lovely, large stripper to entertain the stag and if you choose to have him blindfolded he literally wont see it coming! Stitch him up after a regular lap dance and even dress him up for maximum humility- there’s perfect picture opportunities and he’ll get a whole hour of roly poly fun!

Sexy Hitch Hiker prank


You’re all piled into your transfer bus, driving along and your driver stops to pick up a hitch hiker. Not one for picking up hitch hikers by the side of the road? Prepare to change your mind, as the stunning girl gets on board, apparently innocently until the music starts and the clothes start to drop! A sexy, once-in-a-lifetime activity, ideal for spicing up your journey.

Sexy Maids prank

Sexy maids


Some would consider it bad form not to include a performance in the weekend, so to oblige your fellow gentleman and surprise the soon-to-be-wed gent amongst you check out our sexy maids prank (we use the word prank loosely here- it’s more of a treat). Sexy maids will turn up to clean your room before performing an exotic show for your group…

Stag Arrest prank


Another terrific activity bordering on the traditional stag prank- the surprised stag will be “arrested” by two plain-clothed police officers for drunk and disorderly conduct before being blindfolded and taken away to the police office. In the meantime the rest of the stag group will go to Budapest’s top strip club and wait for the blindfolded stag to appear on stage. The blindfold’s taken off to reveal a stripper doing a special, personal dance and the rest of the boys laughing and picture-taking.

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