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Top 5 ideas for unusual groomsmen and usher gifts


Getting your groomsmen a gift that they’ll not only appreciate but might actually use can be a massive ball ache, with the traditions of socks and cufflinks not quite making the cut in this day and age. Feel their plight and put a bit of effort it, if only so you don’t end up presented with a personalised flask and a pair of gloves at one of their nuptials. Here are some unusual, bizzare and different groomsmen gifts for every budget…

1. A USB Record Turntable

USB record turntable

Everyone who’s anyone has an MP3 player these days – records have unfortunately become a thing of the past (yes- we’re devastated as well). Your groomsmen, therefore, will be delighted when they can dust off their Frankie Goes to Hollywood records and blast them out on this fantastic turntable. Not only that but it also converts records into MP3s to play through your home stereo, computer or MP3 player. Buy it here.

2. Whisky Rocks

A quirky but useful ice breaker, these whisky stones are a great present for all. Made from granite they supposedly harbour less bacteria and fewer impurities than ice, and whisky drinkers will love them as they chill without diluting and keep your drink colder for longer. Made for all seasons you can even heat them up in the oven and use them in mulled wine. You can get them for £8.49 here.

3. A keg grill.


One of the best things in a man’s life, aside from beer, is grilling, and this combines two of our favourite things in a terrific, unusual gift idea. A keg grill has a whole host of valuable benefits too- it’s portability, size and functionality are unmatched by anything else you’ll see on the beach this year. You’ll also save some moollah if you make your own- see instructions here.

4. Star Trek Pizza Cutter

 “Sensors detect it’s deliciously sloppy with a crispy base.” This terrific Star Trek Pizza Cutter from Firebox is a winner for every trek-and-pizza loving guy out there- with its laser-etched stainless steel blade and solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body this’ll be the coolest thing in their kitchen. 

5. A ukulele.


Scrap the idea of buying a guitar or hefty instrument for your music-loving groomsmen, get them this unpredictable yet undeniably cool instrument. Iconic musicians everywhere are turning to this budget-friendly stringed wonder, get your buddies this blue one for a bargain £14.99.


After all the effort you’re going to bestow a mindblowingly unique present upon your best man you should expect some serious thought to go into the stag do planning- send him in the direction of these unusual stag ideas to get him started and make him work for the loot.

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