StagWeb’s MD Simon Denning on his lads Paris trip


So a few of the lads and I went to Paris a couple of weeks ago and it was fantastic. It was an overdue lads get together as opposed to a stag do so the pace was a bit gentler.  The reason for going to Paris in particular was twofold, one of the boys lives abroad and it’s really easy to get to from just about anywhere. Whether you fly or take the Eurostar you’re there quickly. None of us drove but that would be simple as well, time allowing. If I was put on the spot to pick one it would be my favourite city in the world (closely followed by New York).

I think the point I’m trying to make is that I’ve been guilty of overlooking Paris as a stag destination, but for an older crowd who like their food, quality venues, a few beers and some decent vino it’s a top choice. There’s also plenty enough to do if even if you’ve been several times before. I’ve been half a dozen times, some for cricket (we played some of the French National Team on a couple of occasions) and some for fun but the city’s still large enough, with enough fantastic and constantly changing venues to surprise you.


We stayed on the Left Bank in a decent 3*and had a couple of full nights with an activity on the Saturday. So Friday night we all met at the hotel at varying times, meaning we pretty much stayed in the bar next door for a few hours then it was out for a pre-arranged dinner, which was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. As you know Paris has some fantastic places to eat and if you get it right the standard is pretty peerless, good restaurants might not always be cheap but they usually deliver a very impressive dining experience. After dinner it was back to the bars and clubs on the Left Bank, there’s a little area in and around Rue des Canettes that’s got loads of bars and a few clubs. We hit le  scene as it were, and while probably being the oldest swingers in town we weren’t out of place. Until that is we carelessly hit the tequilas, it’s then I venture our cover was blown and we started to look a bit more conspicuous. It was a great night, whilst some Parisians have a deserved reputation for being surly (like our permanently sour faced hotel receptionist), most of the service we received was excellent and at the very least friendly. Just remember to try and speak French – even if you’re hopeless, they work that out quickly and respond in English but it seems they appreciate the effort.


Saturday we took it easy in the morning and then headed up to MontMartre for an early lunch which was great and it’s got such an attractive buzz about it. Stags aside, if you need ideas for a romantic break I’d say it would be a great place to stay with the good lady. After lunch had worn off and we got a vicious caricature done of two of the lads (a great memento) it was activity time. There’s plenty to do in Paris and the outskirts, in our case being older and knowing the city a bit we splintered off. Some invested in a more wine appreciation classes, some took in the sights and a little culture, some were more active. I won’t name names but one took in a spa – sacre bleu! If I went again on a weekend like this and the dates worked out I’d definitely suggest planning in a football or rugby match. Like all major capitals there are some great things to do if you plan right but locally there’s not so much extreme stuff.


We had another major stop planned for Saturday evening – The Crazy Horse, which was formidable. The Friday night was about a really big and memorable dinner, so everything else that followed was a bonus and by having another equally impressive event for the second night as well gave everyone something pretty special to look forward to. Doing it that way, with major planned and pre-booked events breaking up the trip, really does keep great momentum to the weekend (but it’s important they’re quality).  So Saturday we started out with a few drinks and then took our seats for the world famous Crazy Horse. It’s fair to say that when the French do things they’re naturally good at  well they set a pretty unassailable standard and the Crazy Horse is just that, for many it’s the pinnacle of Cabaret. It’s a quiet show so allow for that, but if you’re talking when that’s on quite frankly there’s something wrong with you. After the show we popped our eyes back into our heads and headed out for another dinner – one surefire tip is to make sure you eat well in Paris, miss breakfast, grab a quick lunch but plan for dinner – you won’t regret it. Post dinner we headed for a casino and then made for a gents club by the name of Penthouse – which claims to be the first Parisian club of its kind. Drinks are not necessarily cheap but the staff are friendly and the venue is large and seemingly very well run. After a few drinks in there we were feeling the effects of a boozy weekend and undisgraced, called in a night.


Sunday morning was relaxed with a few espressos, alka-seltzer and croissants to combat a weekend of over indulgence and then we were off in different directions.  Personally I’m glad I opted for the Eurostar it really is an easy way to travel.

And there you have it a big recommendation for Paris. If you want to stay somewhere decent and do a few nice things it’s not cheap but it’s a genuinely fantastic place and you should have a tres bon temps.

If you’d like to enquire and book your own Paris trip with the lads then head to our enquiry form here, we’ll be delighted to help! 

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