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The 12 Songs of Christmas


You can always tell when its October because that’s about the time most shops start filling up their shelves with Christmas tat and assaulting our senses with Now That’s What I Call the Same Really Bad Christmas Album XVII.

In fact by mid November you’ve already reached a point where you’d rather hack your own ears off with your bonus points clubcard than hear Noddy Holder yelling “Its Chriiiiiistmaaaaaas…!!!” one more time.

Why the same songs? What is it with the myopic music merchants that they think everyone should be encouraged to listen to the same dozen songs over and over again? Well we’re making a stand right here and decking the… er decks, with our favourite alternative Christmas songbook.

Christmas Time – Rigby

A thumpingly good indie Xmas anthem for anyone who has suddenly found themselves Christmas in the run up to the silly season. Good tune. Great lyrics.

Angel of Harlem – U2

Ok so we know Bono seemed to disappear up his Christmas stocking sometime in the mid 90’s but the band still have an amazing back catalogue and this is certainly one of their gems.

The Night Santa Went Crazy – “Weird Al” Yankovic

Probably best not played to the kids on Christmas Eve, Jolly St Nick goes postal in a bloody Christmas tale from the King of comedy cover versions

Deck The Halls – Relient K

Christmas goes punk in a grunged up version of this Christmas Classic.

Santa’s Got A Mullet – Nerf Herder

More punk themed yuletide cheer. This time Nerf Herder take a look at Santa’s sartorial swagger.

Walking Round In Women’s Underwear – Bob Rivers

If you like your Xmas music to have a weird comedy twist then this is a tune for you.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Relient K

The second entry on our alternative chart for Relient K, another twist on an old theme but well worth a listen if you like your amps cranked all the way up to 11.

What Christmas Means To Me – Cee Lo Green

Our American cousins seem to embrace Christmas music much more readily than over here and this time its Cee Lo Green getting into this Stevie Wonder classic. Well worth a listen.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – Paul Carrack

Known as “The singer’s singer” Paul Carrack has a voice that slips down easier then eggnog. A family friendly reworking from the meticulous vocal master.

Let It Snow – Chicago

At the more traditional end of the musical spectrum if you like things big band then Chicago’s album will give you a bagful of swinging yule-tunes without the worn out Bing Crosby feel.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer – Elmo & Patsy

Not the newest of holiday songs but still a lot better than listening to Aled Jones again.

Merry Christmas Baby – Stevie Wonder & Wyclef Jean

Attach Stevie Wonder to anything and it instantly becomes cooler and starts to sound better. He even makes Wyclef sound good on the festive funk.

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