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2014 – All revved up and nowhere to go..?


Sometimes there really is a need to get far away from the maddening crowd and just let rip. So we often do , yes we realise we’re luckier than most in that as part of our job we get to go and try out some great activities (all in the name of research of course, not merely so we can get high speed adrenalin junkie fix, no, not at all, its all work, honest Guv’). And in the last couple of months we’ve had a blast.

In our defence, it is quite difficult to ignore a phone call that starts “We’ve got the most powerful rage buggies in the UK…” In fact it would have been complete dereliction of duty for us not to have dropped everything and hot footed it up there with all the eagerness of a 7yr old being taken to Santa’s grotto on Christmas Eve. Our head of UK destinations Matt was at the wheel all the way to Newcastle while two of us bounced up and down with excitement and a couple of hundred miles worth of “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”

1000cc Rage buggies. We could dress it up a bit, try and be a little calmer, we could show our true professionalism and go into detail about great value for money, how we can get you a great deal on an outstanding activity, yadda yadda yadda… And while all of that is very true the fact of the matter is… It was *&^£@£)% awesome!

We had a spankingly good time, as days out go this rates up there with watching Kelly Brook riding a mechanical bucking bronco while on holiday in a nudist camp. And as research goes we were unstinting in our attempts to really put these buggies to the test. During the safety briefing we were attentive and fastidious in making sure we understood every rule and safety tip but let’s face it as men there is always going to be that little Jeremy Clarkson voice at the back of our heads saying “…and now watch this!”. But no. 5 minutes on these fire breathing bad boys and we were all easing back on the throttle and reliving near death experiences we’d already exposed ourselves to.

We won’t bore you with details here or attempt to give you a blow by blow run down of our high speed prowess (or lack of), just imagine “a star in a reasonably priced car” with a mildly hysterical Lee Evans at the wheel, the mindset of Johnny Vegas, the driving ability of Alan Carr and the multi-coloured language of Billy Connolly. But nowhere near as funny.

If you are looking for a challenge in 2014 and like your speed delivered with near religious “I made it! I’m still alive!!” thrill factor then taking charge of one of these petrol powered demons is a must. We would also advise taking a change of underwear.

And change we did, after an hour of utter madness (and we have to say our racing fervour was in no small way egged on by the brilliant and very safety conscious staff who knowing we were the boys from StagWeb were fairly quick to heap derision on driving that apparently our grannies would call “a bit girly”) with regret and a silent prayer of gratitude to the gods of tarmac who had let us walk away unscathed we decided we needed to write down all our recollections, make precise notes of all we had learned so we could report back to the office without delay.

To the pub!

Well, pubs to be exact. The trouble with Newcastle is it really is such a great place to have a night out, whether it’s your first stag weekend, the annual stag reunion or just a quick weekend away with the lads. We’d already been canny and booked ahead, using some of our own top notch hotel contacts we had somewhere right in the heart of the city to lay our heads, room service to enjoy and with no need to drive and the party being on our doorstep… well we kind of got sidetracked. We did do lots of notes (honest Boss), Matt even did a couple of sketches as well, it turns out he has quite an artistic hand (who knew?) but also occasionally a very odd sense of humour (we all knew) so we had to force him to put the crayons down as his artwork became increasingly bizarre. The last thing any of us remember of our notes was we had them in the comedy club before heading on to the casino (£50 up on the night thank you very much). So they were probably left somewhere soaked in beer, covered in poppadom crumbs and really not worth the paper they were written on.

But thank you to the inventor of the awesome 1000cc rage buggies.

Thank you to the brilliant team who managed to stop 3 idiots like us from flipping, rolling and coming to a halt upside down and still giggling like a bunch of girl guides on helium.

And thank you Newcastle, once again you delivered a fantastic weekend, with the one year anniversary of my own stag do looming I will be getting the boys back together for a quick weekend “ha’way the lads”. We shall be hitting the Toon in style and this time we will be getting completely revved up!

To plan your weekend stag reunion visit our Newcastle page here.

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