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Office Christmas Party Dos & Don’ts

Christmas party dos and donts

With the silly season looming, it’s that time where people either start dreading the office Christmas party and looking for ways out or rubbing their hands with glee at the thoughts of free booze and office gossip

“It’s on the 18th? Oh no, I can’t make that night. I’ve already promised to take my dad’s cousin’s wife’s hairdresser’s labradoodle for a hernia op. We’re very close and I couldn’t to let him down.”

Don’t be that guy.

“It’s on the 18th? Brilliant! I’m going to keep drinking until the boss’s daughter becomes attractive and then I’m gonna get me a bonus…”

Definitely don’t be that guy.

Be you (unless you’re already one of those guys above in which case be someone else) but be a smarter you. The office Christmas do can be an assault course of career threatening obstacles to be skilfully conquered not charged at with a beer in one hand and Judy from accounts’ bra in the other.

So here’s our do’s and don’ts to avoid festive f*ck-ups at the Office Christmas Party

Do observe the dress code…

Yes fancy dress can be a little nauseating, and you might feel a bit of an idiot getting on the train in your cheesy Christmas jumper or dressed as “Movie Legends” but give it a bash without going overboard. If the dress code is smart or formal then go for it, it’ll show the powers-that-be you are a man of style and substance, someone who can be trusted to always represent the company in the best light.

Don’t dress as something hilarious and desperately attention grabbing…

“The dress code said come as famous Britons so I’m Myra Hindley!” Equally finding yourself stuck in the car park dressed as Optimus Prime in a costume it took you two weeks to build and now won’t fit through the door will just make you look a bit of a twat.


Do have a good time…

While not going “radio rental” its important you are seen enjoying yourself and mixing well with everyone, be the guy who is easy going and affable amongst colleagues from different departments. A man who communicates effectively and easily is a valuable asset for any company.

Don’t go looking for a good time…

Yes you are now off the leash and free to talk to people you might not normally get to mix with but its not a singles bar! Slobbering over the girls in the sales team hoping there is one who has as little taste and sense of occasion as yourself is only going to end in knockbacks and derision. And if you do get lucky remember you are going to be seeing that person 5 days a week for most of next year. Awkward.

Xmas party good time!


Do extend the invite to your other half…

If partners or friends are allowed on the invitation then unless signing your significant other up to a really dull evening she will hate (despite the potential payback for all the hours of Strictly and Downton Abbey you’ve had to endure) it could be a chance to treat her to a bit of luxury while someone else pays the bill. Win/Win.

Don’t invite along your mates…

No matter how good the event, no matter how many tickets you can blag, this is a BAD idea. “Work you” and “Hanging out down the pub you” are probably very different people and rightly so. Do you really want the boss meeting the people who know your all worst stories? “These are my mates Bazza, Kebab and Psycho Pete, oi Kebab, show ’im your elephant impression…”

Xmas party guests

Don’t invite along your mates

Do thank the boss for a good bash…

We’re not suggesting you should be completely sycophantic and try to curry cheap favour but the company has had to shell out funds for your frolics. It costs nothing to be polite.

Don’t flirt with the boss’ wife…

She might have a cleavage that could drown the titanic and seem really fun to be around but a few wrong words or too much seemingly harmless banter and you might find yourself being thrust bodily into a cleaning cupboard. You’ll end up wedged against a broken fax machine, with a mop handle pressed into the back of your head and her widening mouth aiming at your face. It’s a bit like Alien “In the cleaning closet no one can hear you scream!”

So eat, drink and be merry but remember it’s a potentially career damaging minefield so tread carefully, drink wisely and never accept an invite into the stationary cupboard from anyone.

NB; please note that all references to ending up in cupboards with anyone apply doubly if the invite is from a female boss. That’s really not the way to blow your Christmas bonus.

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