Top 10 Man Destinations – Playgrounds for the Kings of Cool


King of the Road… The Wanderer… Wherever I lay my hat…Travelling man… Life on the open road… Every image of men on the road is laid back and chilled. Simply put travelling is the ultimate in cool.

• The guy in the sharp suit, sat in the boarding lounge unaware of the fact that the stewardesses are checking him out – he’s cool.
• The guy with the long hair and the camper van heading down to Cornwall for the weekend – he’s cool.
• That guy trekking through the Amazon filming the wildlife documentary – He’s cool.
• That guy cycling to the train station to take photos and record the numbers of trains – he’s a bit of a numpty but the guy driving past him in the convertible, top down, shades on – he’s cool.

There’s a great big world out there and the so much of it remains unseen but cool guys travel, they get out to see the world so here’s a look at some of the coolest places that every man should have on his bucket list.

• Bridgetown – By the time you’ve made it through the airport you are already feeling more relaxed “Ya man, iss cool right?” The capital of Barbados is about as far removed from hectic European capital cities as you can get. There’s great water sports, cool open top mokes, great food and enough rum to sink a battleship. To experience the ultimate in Bajan cool head to The Boatyard, an open air beach bar that is a regular haunt for locals and the cruise ship employees who know all the best Caribbean haunts.

• Barcelona “…you took my breath away.” Freddie Mercury might not have always have spoken sense (“Scaramouche, Scaramouche will you do the fandango…”) but he was bang on the money with Barecelona. All you need to do is take a stroll along Las Ramblas and see the ultra chic locals heading to the bars. But be late, Barcelona’s night life does really kick off until after midnight. Learn more about Barcelona…


• Las Vegas – Dean, Sammy, Peter and Frank, the coolest of the cool hung out in this desert resort. Casinos, showgirls, sharp suits, neat drinks and swing. The playground for “The Summit”, Vegas is the ultimate in cool.

• Copenhagen – Those crafty Scandinavians keep very quiet about their own shores, we figure its because they want to keep the rest of us out. Head to the pubs along Nyhavn sat along the waters edge and you’ll soon sink into the great live music and a really chilled vibe.

• Dublin – If you live so near the Emerald Isle and still haven’t visited this jewel of a city then you’re not living right. Standing in a Dublin bar with your closest mates, a cold Guinness in hand, listening to live music and having “the craic”, its about as perfect as life gets. Learn more about Dublin…


• Tallinn – Slightly mad, unbelievably beautiful, Tallinn is a rare lady indeed. By day there is more madcap adventure than you can begin to imagine. By night you’ll see why Estonia produces more models for the fashion industry than any other nation. Learn more about Tallinn…

• Sydney – In a country renowned for the fact that most of its animals are trying to kill you Sydney does offer a safe haven. Great Bars, great people, great city.

• Brighton – Little London by the sea, the laid back boho area of the Laines is legendary. Or head to the bars on Brighton’s seafront. But a lazy bank holiday spent chilling on the Sussex coast? Yeah, we do like to be beside the seaside. Learn more about Brighton…

• Amsterdam – Like Brighton and Copenhagen, Amsterdam has a really bohemian feel. A city with a great arts seen, fantastic bars and clubs and of course the crazy Red Light District, but its not just a stag party paradise, Amsterdam has something to offer all year round no matter what the occasion. Learn more about Amsterdam…

• Milan – Italian design its sharp suits and designer sunglasses, Lambrettas and Ferraris. Milan is a great place to sit a cold beer on a hot day and just watch the world go by.

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