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Berlin Stag Weekend – A very British adventure…


10 Reasons to go to Berlin

  • Beer Taps – Sit at your table and pour your own pints. The pump keeps a running total and you pay before you leave. Wundebar!
  • Frauleins – Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Julia Stegner & Laura Berlin to name but a few Germanic beauties.
  • Beer Stock Exchange – Ever fancied a flutter on the market? Well now you can but the commodity is beer, you fix the prices and drink the results.
  • Efficiency – That might seem a little dull but zipping around this city is so easy as transport links really do run like clockwork.
  • Currywurst – Curried sausage…! What’s not to like?!?
  • Beer – Germany is renowned for it, Berlin is full of it!
  • Adventure – Berlin has some of the best activities Europe has to offer.
  • Bierkase – Any city that even designs its cheese around beer is ok with us.
  • Donor Kebabs – Were invented in Berlin and the city has been getting better at them ever since.
  • Beer – We’re just not sure we’ve mentioned it enough. Find out how we got on with it below…


Sit rep; Friday 0930
Location…. Birmingham Airport
Status…. Bright eyed and bushy tailed
Mission…. To Berlin and beyond! (well actually just Berlin)

Eight stags, Berlin bound. Our mission; to say farewell to our brother in pints, with erm… a few pints. And what finer place than Berlin? This is where working for StagWeb really does come in handy and being the International Director I was able to arrange the pick of European destinations and for top drawer good times, Berlin is hard to beat.

Berlin itself is everything you expect, trendy, energetic and with typical Germanic efficiency it’s a clean, well organised city with superb transport making getting to our hotel a doddle. All StagWeb’s hotels are central and ours was fully kitted with all the man essentials; bar, pool table (a game of killer pool was soon set up with beer penalties imposed on the fallen) fusbal (more games, more beer) and en-suite rooms.
Having set the tone we headed out in style with matching Bavarian hats, and Lee the Groom-to-be carrying a towel. His role over the weekend was to ensure wherever we went he beat those pesky Germans to it and save our seats. Well, when in Rome… erm Berlin and all that…

Sit rep; Friday 2230
Location…. The Pub – Berlin
Status…. Not quite as Bright eyed or bushy tailed
Mission…. Beer

To visit Germany and not enjoy their beer quite frankly would be rude. So we did. Quite a lot. In a superb venue called ‘The Pub’ atmosphere was awesome but the best thing is each table has it’s own beer pump so you pour your own pints and then pay before you leave. Genius!

Sit rep; Saturday 0930
Location…. Berlin hotel
State…. My tail hurts
Mission…. Go karting

With no time to say “Hangover” we were  heading to the go kart track. In Berlin the track is as smooth as a pool table and with 6 hugely competitive blokes all vying for contention the language and competitive edge was soon as hot as the exhaust pipes. I’m really not one to show off but seeing as this is my article… There was indeed a worthy winner and the rest of our so called “men” drive like my nan.

Now the more eager eyed will have noticed that we were now down to six. Yep two stags down who were still suffering from the night before, I have been asked not to name names so I shall simply refer to the no shows as “Mr X” and “Steve the StagWeb Managing Director” to protect their identities (I do hope he doesn’t see this).

Sit rep; Saturday 2130
Location…. Alexander Platz
Status…. Let’s conga!
Mission…. Good times

It is a huge injustice that Germans are seen as dour, practical types because the truth is the city loves to party. In fact I’d never seen conga lines other than at family get togethers when uncles and aunts have had too much to drink and somebody sticks on a Chas & Dave CD but in Berlin…? We found ourselves in ‘The Matrix’ (it’s a bar, we weren’t in the movie) which for some reason was going conga crazy. Every time we turned around another line was snaking towards us and yes, we conga’ed, we conga’ed like men possessed and it was great, we laughed, we drank great beer and we “aye aye aye conga!” with the best of them.

In fact its my new mantra in life “When in doubt, conga”.

Sit rep; Monday 1030
Location…. Stagweb HQ
Status…. Back to work
Mission…. To visit Berlin again ASAP

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Berlin a number of times and I’ve also been on more than my fair share of stag parties but Berlin has shot into my all time top 3 stag lad cities. Great beer, great people, the selection of activities on offer are among the best in Europe, the bars are as eclectic as they are buzzing and you get to conga. What more could a stag do need?

If you’re planning a Berlin stag party you can check out our latest packages here.

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