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Drinking Game of Thrones


Winter is coming… Well actually summer is coming here but if you are an inhabitant of Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms then things are about to get a bit parky. All the more reason for fortification, while in Winterfell this might mean repairing the castle walls or and making a new crow coat, for those of us tuning in on TV it means inviting a few mates round, making sure you have enough snacks and getting a few beers in.

How to play;

Have your drinks at the ready, each time a character does something on the list the take a drink accordingly.
“Toast in good cheer” = Take a sip of your chosen poison. “Unleash dragon’s fire” Take a shot of something suitably firey.
Please remember to always drink responsibly. There’s no drunk tank in the Seven Kingdoms only a cold existence and a life spent in The Watch.

So without further ado and with the long awaited Season 5 nearly underway we present to you…

The Drinking Games of Thrones infographic

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