Why Going to Microbreweries Might Help You Live Longer


It is readily accepted amongst chaps that alcohol is great and us Brits in particular have always been pretty partial to a pint or two, from the medieval mead makers to modern day brewing geniuses. It’s fair to say pint fans cover a wide range of personalities from the high volume, health punishing weekend bingers, thirsty-pint-a-night regulars to thoughtful aficionados and purists. The purists will be keen to point out that there’s a world of difference between beer and lager, while possessing thirst quenching skills, lager is considered by many to be a lesser beverage, whereas cider is often viewed as the nation’s traditional pint. Our ancient elders, the religious orders, monasteries and purveyors of white magic, were certainly quick to sample the life giving qualities of beer and cider.

A fine cider may be judged with just one sip
(but it’s best to be thoroughly sure). – Anon

Whatever your position on pints, a microbrewery is certainly a place to conduct your own study on the matter. Artisan brewers are popping up all over the country (although many have already been creating fantastic brews for a number of years) and a local search will soon shed light on the best in your area. The one thing every brewer has in common is paying tribute to the noble pint and the ancient art of brewing. And perhaps those canny druids and monks who started so much fine work knew more than they let on because there are increasing reports as to why beer and cider, in moderation, could actually be good for you.

       • A study by Barcelona University found that the folic acid in beer and cider provides a “protective effect on the cardiovascular system”.

      • Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura found that compared to non-drinkers, moderate beer drinking will make you 31% less likely to suffer strokes, heart attacks or heart disease.

      • Similarly the University of Boston found that alcohols such as cider and beer not only appear to have a positive effect on blood vessels making them less likely to clot but also could truly be the elixir of life. Boston University’s Professor of Medicine and Public Health, Dr R Curtis Ellison said “People should realize that a little bit of alcohol on a regular basis decreases the risks of aging.”

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. – Benjamin Franklin

Here at StagWeb HQ we are by no means health experts so please do further reading for yourself to verify the researchers’ findings or conduct your own tests. That will of course mean that going to a microbrewery is not merely a frivolous and highly enjoyable day out, its actually important scientific research. You’ll also uncover a world of flavours right on your own doorstep, many microbreweries sell their wares in sample bottles for you to take home and having found the perfect beverage, with many, you can then reorder online.

Now if you’ll excuse us… We’re off to get suitably scientific…

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