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Game of Throw-Ins – World Cup Drinking Game

Drinking Game of Throw Ins

Like a great stag party, a World Cup match is a cause for celebration and an excuse to get the lads together.

To get your World Cup samba party in full swing, here at StagWeb HQ we have devised a World Cup drinking game. So pick your squad, head to the finest watering hole and get ready for some stunning shots*.


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Decide an order of play among your drinkers.
When the first incident on the pitch matches one from the list below player 1 takes the required drink. On the next incident player 2 takes that drink. Etc. (*see below for drink details)
Play to the final whistle.

Pre-match warm up

Gary Lineker makes a cheesy pun – Take a shot.
Roy Keane looks like he’s about to punch someone – Hide then take a shot.
Footage of Gazza crying – Beer tears, pretend to cry into your pint.
Someone mentions ’66 – All players must stand and raise their glasses to Bobby Moore
Someone mentions how bad England are at penalties – Everyone takes a shot.

Team Action

1 – Throw-in back to the keeper – Take a shot.
2 – Throw-in goes forwards – Take a shot.
3 – Throw-in goes backwards – Drinking ban for five minutes.
4 – Every time there is a gratuitous shot of a hot Brazilian girl in the crowd – Order a caipirinha.
5 – Penalty – Predict which side the ball will go, get it right and you don’t have to drink. Get it wrong, take a shot!
6 – Missed Penalty – Order a soft drink.
7 – Pundit says “We miss Beckham’s crossing ability” – Get a new hairstyle.
8 – Own goal – Give your drink to the player to your right.
9 – Someone uses the word “Samba” – Everyone shouts “Samba!” and you all dance.
10 – Red Card! – Order a vodka and Redbull.
11 – Vinnie Jones runs on the pitch and headbutts the ref – “Some people are on the pitch, they think it’s all over (whack!) it is now” – Down your drink in one.
12 – Referee gets hit with the ball – Laugh like a drain then take a shot.
13 – English player takes a dive – Girly conduct! You’re on soft drinks until this half ends.
14 – Player takes a shot and it goes off for a throw-in – Swing and a miss, no drink for you!
Game over – Roy Hodgson stands on the touchline holding an umbrella – Shades of McClaren, “We’re going home chaps, time to pack up your things and leave.

* Please note – This really is a game of two halves so pace yourselves. Set your “shots” as you see fit, it might be a finger of your pint or a half shot of Brazilian cachaca. Know your limits and please remember to always drink responsibly.

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