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Cooking on fire, it’s an ancient primal urge, essentially firing up your BBQ is answering the call of the wild and holding the tongues and wearing a large white hat does in some way make he who wields the spatula the garden alpha male.

But to look totally under control not only do you need be cooking the right meats you also need to have the right tools.

Get your cook on with these fantastic BBQ Man-Gadgets

exotic meat cook book

Exotic Meat Cookbook

If you’ve got a taste for some zebra steaks or fancy a kangaroo curry but are no Jamie Oliver then this helpful cookbook is full of exotic recipes and helpful hints.

Find out more about exotic meats in the UK…

suarez bottle opener

Luis Suarez Biting Bottle Opener

We’ve all got that one mate who can open a bottle with his teeth but there’s no need to put his gnashers at risk anymore when you can use the most controversial mouth in football, no not Joey “I er speak er le French no” Barton but Uruguay’s very own Jaws, Luis Suarez.

condiment gun

Condiment Gun

“Go ahead punk, make my burger…” Fire at will with a condiment gun that comes with two “cartridge” bottles to add some lead to your burger (or mayonnaise or ketchup).

Available from Firebox – £15.99 Read more…

beer can chicken

Beer Can Chicken Grill

Ok so perhaps it’s not the most dignified end for one of our feathered friends but beer can chicken is a great way to keep your pecker up and add one of natures finest brews to Britain’s most popular poultry.

personalised bbq apron

Personalised BBQ Apron

Let them know who is really in charge with your own personalised BBQ apron. Who’s the daddy.

Available from Getting Personal. £14.99 Read more…

bbq sword

BBQ Sword

For swashbuckling BBQ devotees you can now send put your bangers to the sword and give your cooking a Mask of Zorro flourish.

utility apron

Utility Apron

Be the sharpest chef on the draw, keep everything you need close to hand with an apron that has a pocket for every utility including the most important on of all. Beer.
Available from – £14.99 Read here…

bear claw bbq shredders

Bear Claw BBQ Shredders

For creating pulled pork although pulled chicken or some exotic meats also works. We love these for a number of reasons, firstly they are great to use, give a perfect result and are much easier then using forks. Secondly we feel like Wolverine when we use them!

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bbq tool set

BBQ Tool Set

Quite possibly the daddy of all BBQ sets, you’ll be the envy of men folk everywhere as you bring out your cooking armoury. Much like Jake’s harmonica in The Blues Brothers this is a serious looking set of tools for a serious BBQ chef.

Available from £49.99 Read more…

inflatable beer cooler

Inflatable Beer Cooler

Unless you’re a uni student emptying a bin and filling it with ice is just wrong. Yes there were days when food hygiene wasn’t top of your list of priorities but life moves on. Thankfully this inflatable beer cooler does the same job but is easy to store away between parties.

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