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pantherPanther Brewery – Alan Partridge, Delia Smith and now Panther Brewery, proof positive that Norfolk really does have great taste. The award winning microbrewery has been blending fine flavours for awhile now and become ruddy good at it, lemongrass, ginger chilli and honey might not spring to mind of every brewer when crafting fine ales but it’s one of the reasons the Panther Brewery continues to thrive. And more power to their elbows.
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the northfolk houseNorfolk Brewhouse – The Norfolk Brewhouse is another fine example of all that is right with microbreweries. Fine ales and lagers with all the focus on flavour has won them some acclaim and certainly our admiration. A cheeky little ginger lager really does hit the spot on a summer’s afternoon up in the Norfolk Broads or at your own select gathering of purveyors of a fine pint or two.
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st petersSt Peters Brewery – As well as more traditional mild’s, beers and bitters St Peter’s Brewery use the best traditions of brewery to craft more exotic flavours with a honey porter and fruit beer. Microbreweries are all about creating new pints that the larger brewing houses just don’t give the same care in creating, hence the fantastic Whiskey & Suffolk Smokey beers which are top drawer and thankfully available online.
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green jackGreen-Jack – Green-Jack have won more awards than Real Madrid and quite frankly deserve to be even more celebrated. Particular mention has to go to Ripper which has been picking up silverware since 1996 and far be it from mere pint fans such as us to argue with the experts but we’d recommend their Golden Best but as you can buy online there’s no reason not to try both.


red squirrel breweryRed Squirrel Brewery – With a nice sideboard packed full of awards Red Squirrel have been producing fine crafted beers since 2004. We simply don’t have space here to list the massive array of beers on offer and sadly don’t have the constitution to sample them all in a single sitting however we would urge you to pick from their number and start sampling. Men of Hertfordshire rise up! Local beer is right on your doorstep and you might be missing out on the great flavours on offer.


brentwood brewingBrentwood Brewing – We should probably be a little more fearful of any beer calling itself “Chockwork Orange” with a rather familiar looking figure on the label but when it tastes so good even the ever gentle Stephen Fry would sample it which is a funny coincidence because they also serve a rather fine BBC2 beer. Now that’s Quite Interesting.
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crouch valeCrouch Vale – We have finally found the way to Amarillo, they are brewing it at Crouch Vale brewery along with Essex Boys which is a fine full bodied beer without a hint of spray tan in sight. The brewery shop is open Monday to Friday for any Essex boys to pop in and bag a sample or two which is indeed highly recommended.
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