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loddonLoddon Brewery – Should you happen to be in the vicinity of Dunsden Green (or even if you bally miles away) we’d recommend a little stop off at this small but perfectly formed microbrewery. What they might lack in size they more than make up for in taste. We’d also suggest you reserve a special glass for the Hullabaloo. Excellent.
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hopping madHopping Mad – As they’re slogan says “It’s all about the flavour.” Although you do get a sense of “You don’t have to be mad to work here but it helps” with some brilliantly named and smooth tasting beers such as Balmy Days, Fruit Case, Hoppiness, Hopnotch and Brainstorm, great tasting beers all made the traditional way.

the chiltern breweryChiltern Brewery – This family run brewery built on a working farm in the heart of the Chilterns produces wholesome, natural beers using the best of British ingredients. They have even taken over the Farmer’s Bar at the nearby Kings Head so you can pop in and try a pint before purchasing a few bottles for the journey home (it might be a thirsty walk).

Greater London

zero degreesZero Degrees – If anyone can make brewing look trendy then Zero Degrees can. Forget old boys sitting around pewter tankards or cardigans with elbow pads creating home brew, this is cutting edge stuff with fresh light flavours. What’s more you don’t have to just be a local of Old London Town as they can also be found in Reading, Bristol and Cardiff. Sadly there is no loyalty card scheme on offer just yet however we do intend to make the full set of visits with a careful eye honed on the very fine “Mango Beer”.
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camden town breweryCamden Town Brewery – You have to admire anyone who decides (on a whim) to start their own brewery but that is exactly how Camden Brewery came into being after making lager in the basement of a pub turned into a fully functioning, flavoursome brew. With pints like Gentlemen’s Wit and Camden Ink available there is good range to try, we tip a wink at Hells Lager which is a particularly fine tipple in these parts of town. In fact it’s so good we wonder why Madness haven’t written a song about it yet?!?
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dancing man breweryThe Dancing Man – The Dancing Man Brewery mainly provides pints for the Platform Tavern but can often be found doing a jig at beer festivals around the country. Their particularly brand of dancing juice is well worth hunting out and Fiddler’s Jig, Cloud Cuckoo and DNA all worthy of a mention among our list of great beers.
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havant breweryThe Havant Brewery – The Havant Brewery is a family affair which delivers big on flavour. There’s no fancy gimmicks or flashy labels this is beer backed by taste alone and it is all the better for it. We do like a fancy pint every now and again but real appreciative drinking is all about the taste and Havant Brewery doesn’t pull any punches on this front. A selection of fine brews indeed.

Isle of Wight

goddardsGoddards Brewery – Having risen like a phoenix from the flames Goddards Brewery are proud of their interesting story and rightly proud of their fine beers. Our own particular favourite would be Scrumdiggity which mixes a Kent Goldings and Fuggles hopps for a rather fruity beverage which is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon enjoying the Island’s festival scene or surveying the regatta during Cowes week.
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madcat breweryThe Madcat Brewery – The MadCat Brewery creates bespoke and seasonal ales to compliment it’s “keepers” which can be sampled at any time of the year. Three Sisters is a rather cheeky little number and the Platinum Blonde is really not as daft as it looks and is the perfect accompaniment to the Kent sunshine. Whilst still not yet as well known as it should be locals really should get familiar the cat (see not a single pun about pussies anywhere…. Doh!)

hopfuzz breweryHop Fuzz – Although they have only been brewing since 2011 this busy brewery certainly aren’t letting hops grow under their feet having already crafted 26 beers to date as well as giving their waste products to local business to stay green and help local commerce. They great thing about microbreweries is how many varieties they make so you can keep visiting and get new exciting beers to taste such as Yellow Zinger, Hoppy Bomb, 1914 and Steam Beer.
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WychwoodWychwood – Ok now we know microbrewery purists are going to point out that Wychwood are probably a touch too big to appear on this list but when pints are created with such dedication to perfection then they are indeed important inclusions. Wychwood are well travelled and well know pint perfectionists but it’s their montly specials we’d draw your attention to in this article, Dirty Tackle, Full Brazilian and Dog’s Bollocks should feature on your taste list and certainly are on ours.
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compass breweryThe Compass Brewery – The Compass Brewery is an award winning microbrewer that really is worth travelling for. If you happen to be taking a turn up the M40 then stopping off to stock up is recommended. Berry, a sour fruit beer really is a worthy guest at any BBQ or summer gathering and worth making the trip for alone.
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hogsbackHogsback – From relatively humble origins back in 1992 Hogsback Brewery are now the largest independent brewer in Surrey rustling up 57,600 pints a week. That’s quite a party. We’re fairly sure that those already planning summer soirees are well acquainted with Hogsback but if you haven’t yet had a sample then go for a visit and get online, you’ll thank us afterwards. We’d particularly single out the Hop Garden Gold for some summer lovin’.
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shamblemooseShamblemoose Brewery – The brewers at Shamblemoose Brewery spent years of dedicated research sampling pint after pint in order to perfect their craft, and gentlemen we thank you for your diligence which indeed has produced some wonderful flavours. A smoked porter and a grapefruit IPA both worthy of note. Well known on the London brewery scene they are certainly worth a visit or you can catch them in a number of fine ale houses in old London Town.


arundel breweryArundel Brewery – “Armed with taste” the Arundel Brewery sits in the picturesque and historic setting of Arundel. Their beer is a pleasing to the palate and their surroundings are to the eye. Locals can actually find their beers in a number of the large supermarkets (Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury and Majestic Wine Warehouses) but we suggest a trip to this most hallowed ground to get your sample, the trip really is worthwhile to sample a note or two of their special editions.
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brighton beirBrighton Bier – Brighton is known for many things but beer would possibly not feature to highly on most people’s list. However all that is changing thanks to the hard work of the Brighton Brewery which is gaining a growing reputation with Brightonians and the wider beer drinking community. Partial to a fine stout we’d point you in the direction of their No Name Stout although don’t let us sway you as ale drinkers will have much to enjoy beside the seaside.
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