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rebel brewingRebel Brewing – Ah those Cornish scamps, what with their hours of glorious sunlight, pasties and cries for revolution it’s a wonder they have time for brewing but boy do they! Rebel Brewing have taken some of the best flavours around the country (such as their 80 Shilling) and created something beautifully unique to Cornwall. Special mentions for the Surfbum and Mexi-Cocoa chocolate vanilla stout which are both worth sampling (a few times in fact).

keltek breweryKeltek Brewery – Despite the brewery initially beginning as a “hobby” for it’s founder the increasing amount of awards on his mantle (including national beer awards) lead to expansion. However the company remains family run and focused on producing great flavours carefully crafted from the finest British malts. Although once again they seem to be hinting at revolution with their “Beheaded”, “Lance” and “King” ales. Keltec we come in peace… to drink. And we’d recommend if you’re in their neck of the woods you stop in for a glass and chat about King Arthur.
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bays breweryBays Brewery – Despite having only been brewing since 2007 Bays have managed to amass a fine collection of awards which speaks volumes of their brewing excellence. 19 to date. Now we admire clotted cream as much as the next man but we’d far rather be sitting with a pint of Devon Dumpling, Topsail or a good old Up ‘n’ Under. And thankfully having a stag ourselves in Devon this year means we get to sample more of Bays’ heady goodness.

the big sheepThe Big Sheep – Sometimes using the term “microbrewery” can be a bit of a misnomer, The BIG Sheep guys and Country Life Brewery are currently producing 15,000 pints a week of top notch golden flavour. Special mention has to go to Shepherd’s ruin with in BIG Sheep’s own words “Tastes like heaven, kicks like a mule.” Gentlemen we salute you!
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sunny republicSunny Republic – At Sunny Republic “Friday night is bar night” where purveyors of the pint can taste it on the brewery premises, if you’re a local Dorset lad then it’s the perfect opportunity to go and get a sample before deciding on the blonde or redhead to take home with you (steady lads, we’re referring to their beers). Although our personal favourite is the citrusy zing of Hop Dog which Sunny Republic describe as “being smacked in the mouth with a jar of marmalade…. kinda like Bob Dylan on acid.”

piddle craft beersPiddle Brewery – Right stop your sniggering at the back, yes, we like a good glass of Piddle every now and again. What’s more it’s good for you! But to be fair they have made it hard to not make beer/piddle based gags with names like Cocky, Jimmy, Slasher, Piddle and No1 on offer. Despite their brilliant sense of humour the emphasis remains on the flavour which really is superb and readily available from their online shop.
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six penny brewerySixpenny Brewery – Sixpenny Brewery was initially started by a home brewing enthusiast who turned his passion into pints which you can sample onsite at the Sixpenny Tap. Good sensible names and great quality flavours make the Sixpenny Tap and Brewery and must see for any beer fan. If you’re a Dorset local and haven’t been yet then shame on you, pop along and enjoy a pint, it really is ruddy good stuff.
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spring brewerySpring Brewery – With “Nik the Hat” in charge of the brewing process you are indeed in fine hands with some rather buxom but wholly fragrant varieties to suit any discerning pallet. Codger, Stunner and Ambler are great flavours to sample whatever the weather and make a trip to the Cotswolds a veritable joy. What’s more they are tantalisingly close to our own offices. We’ll be seeing you again soon Mr Hat and this time we’re bringing our special tasting vessels. Let the sampling commence!
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cheddar alesCheddar Ales – Cheddar ales have been creating award winning pints from the brewery close to Cheddar Gorge since 2006. To get the full taste sensation (and trust us here, you really should) you can take away a 12 bottled mixed case to sample the complete range. Great for sharing with guests on a sunny summer afternoon in the garden but we won’t judge you if you decide to save these excellent ales for your own consumption.
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butcombe breweryButcombe – Not only do we admire Butcombe’s great flavours but also their canny knack of being located not too far from our offices (yes, we will be back so please keep our tasting vessels at hand). We love our ales, we enjoy our bitters but with perfectly crafted ciders as well Butcombe really are spoiling us and we’re willing to keep being taste tasters for as long as they’ll have us and would urge you to take a bar stool inspection seat of your own to sample their fine frothy fayre.
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hopback breweryHopback – “Refreshingly Hoppy Beers” indeed, we needed know further invitation to sample then those welcoming words and can happily report that they deliver on taste. With a beer for all seasons you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll have to apply continued research to get a full flavour of what this fine brewery has to offer. You can also buy online, what more can you ask for “Another pint?” Don’t mind if we do…
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box steam breweryBox Steam Brewery – This family owned brewery is situated in a village not far from our offices here in Bath, and how jolly glad we are! Taking inspiration from Brunel’s innovation the Box Steam Brewery offer glad tidings indeed for the beer loving traveller. Tunnel Vision, Chuffin’ Ale and Dark and Handsome are among a number of very fine brews, however we draw your attention to their marvellous Toodle Pip and Core Blimey ciders. Their Christmas Dark is also of note. Just to let you know guys yes we will be back and yes we will bring our own special tasting vessels next time. Please pour us a taxi when we’re done.
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