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everardsEverards – With enough trophies and awards to make even Alex Fergusson jealous Everards have been brewing highly regarded pints for some time. Currently there are 15 variations of hoppy goodness to get warm your cockles or cool your summer thirst depending on the season. Their pubs are also worthy of a mention and just as celebrated in Leicestershire. A great welcome and taste sensation awaits all those canny enough to search them out and you really should.
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oldershaw breweryOldershaw Brewery – As well as creating bespoke beers for others this family run brewery has a very pleasing range of beer to suit all palates. Each year they add to their range with new beers available for a limited time which means regular tasting trips are required to fully sample the golden and dark ambers that issue from the creative corners of their brewery. It’s always great to find new varieties however Oldershaw’s permanent pints are also worthy of a mention, with a nod and a wink to the Posh Blonde.

bateman breweryBateman – “A brewery run by brewers not accountants” is how Bateman’s bill themselves which is a sentiment we agree with heartily, we never like to mix beer and money (certain members of our team don’t even like paying for their round… You know who you are) but Bateman’s have created a fine business on the back of their love of beer. Cask, bottled and speciality beers can be found in all their Lincolnshire pubs where you’ll get first-hand knowledge from their happy brewing and pub family.
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woods breweryWood Brewery – “It’s simple really – we’re about brewing a wide variety of really good, flavourful beers.” And with their regular brews and seasonal beers constantly cropping up that amounts to 20 different ales a year for Shropshire folk to sample throughout the year. Rightly proud of their heritage and location Wood Brewery are all about using the best local ingredients to create the best local flavours and with bottled beers available you can take a couple of samples for the walk home as well.
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three tonsThree Tuns – With a yeast strain than has been 125 years in the making and a 16th century brew house “three tuns pilgrims” have been making the journey to pay homage to these traditionally brewed ales for some time. However tradition doesn’t overshadow innovation when it comes to flavours and the brewery continues to create exciting new beers for weary travellers and hardy beer drinkers alike. A quick nod to Steampunk which is hugely drinkable with a nice modern crisp taste.
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Freedom breweryFreedom Brewery – Staffordshire’s multi award winning Freedom Brewery have been hard at work since 1995 and we thank them for their efforts and time that certainly hasn’t been wasted. Not many microbreweries have lager to sample but Freedom offer a range of great pints each of which is a (multi) award winner in its own right. We are going to give particular mention to an excellent stout though which is worth the train fare to Staffs for alone.
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titanic brewery
Titanic Brewery – “We have taken huge strides to reduce the amount of energy consumption in the brewery and we have always tried to conserve water by turning it into beer.” The Titanic Brewery are desperately passionate about doing their part for the environment, so much so that they are saving the planet by saving you from paying for imported pints. And why would you when they have such excellent ales which you don’t need an iceberg to sink.
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the warwickshire beer coWarwickshire Beer – Based in a former bakery the Warwickshire Beer Co have carried on a tradition of great tasting produce as a number of award winning brews can prove. They have always taken tradition and local heritage in both the brewing and naming of pints created with local produce. Lady Godiva, Shakespeare’s County, Darling Buds and Duck Soup all owe a lot to their locality. And if you’re a local then you really should pop along to enjoy a few samples in fine company with people who care deeply about producing great beer.
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purity brewingPurity Brewing – Nog only are the Purity Brewing Co only too happy to help home brewers get it right with handy tips on their website or in their shop but they don’t just talk a good game, the proof is in the brewing (and a the trophy cabinet with a fine sprinkling of awards). Mad Goose, Pure Gold, Ubu and a host of tip top tipples for any time of year, however a quick trip to the brewery should see your summer stock nicely replenished for any forthcoming summer festivities.
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hart family brewersHart Family Brewers – Hart Brewers purposefully keep their range small and pursuit of perfection high which means even more flavour is packed into each pint. The brewery is open every Saturday so you can see for yourself the passion that goes into every pint, although of course the proof is in the tasting and you certainly won’t be disappointed. We have picked just one representative of Northampton brewing for a very good reason.
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pheasantry breweryPheasantry Brewery – With 6 particularly fine brews that would grace any table, bar or BBQ Pheasantry Brewery have ales, bitters and a thirst quenching lager which have gained them local acclaim from taste experts. While here at StagWeb we can’t claim expert credentials we do know what we like and Pheasantry really do hit the spot and are a worthy inclusion to our best of national brewers we’d recommend you search out for yourselves.
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navigation breweryNavigation Brewery – Bag in Box take outs give you plenty of time to take away a few samples from the Navigation Brewery, sampling a fine pint or two while you’re there… well it would be rude not to. As well as their core beers you’ll find new brews created monthly which just gives you all the more reason to pop back again, all in the pursuit of studious research of course. The carry out is just a little bonus.
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thornbridgeThornbridge Brewery – One of the things we most admire about he Thornbridge Brewery is that you can spend an evening with nothing but Thornbridge’s and quite literally drink your way around the world. We were tempted to try but then remembered we had to work the following week and the sheer number of fantastic beers capturing so many parts of the globe is perhaps too much even for our tried and tested pallets. Scotland, South Africa, America, Germany, India the list of flavours is endless but we will be back… Oh yes!
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