24 Exotic Meats For Your Man BBQ This Summer

Kangaroo steaks, zebra burgers, snake kebabs. BBQ’s just got even manlier!

We all know how the usual BBQ goes, a quick “Stand back laydeeez, this is man’z work” as we fire up the rusty old self-built (ie barely standing) BBQ/garden wall. Then after more time spent drinking than cooking we’re passing round gastronomic offensive weapons that can only be saved by drowning them in fiery hot piri piri sauce. A few glasses of lethal homemade punch later and everyone’s Livin’ La Vida Vodka and twerking like Miley Cyrus on an electric fence all food sins already forgiven.

But now you can you can add extra Y chromosomes to your man cooking with some very fine and unusual ingredients and gadgets.

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Meat Eaters

Some people aren’t very adventurous with their food, mention something as weirdly exotic as Bombay Mix they’ll look at you like you just offered them a bushtucker trial with extra koala nuts. They night not take pride of place in your local supermarket butcher’s counter but are equally as tender and flavoursome as any chicken, pig or cow which we mostly accept simply because we are used to our home grown animals as a food source.

According to industry magazine The Grocer venison has seen a 400% rise in popularity in the last year (sorry Bambi) and wild boar is increasingly popular in gastro pubs which shows there is a definite move towards alternative meats.

Meats that we here at StagWeb have tried and can recommend include;

Wild Boar (wild boar sausages are now available in many pubs)
Zebra (particularly good in burgers)
Kangaroo (surprisingly good in curry)

Rich in protein and flavour exotic meats are often healthier options when compared to traditional British bangers and burgers and they are now easily available throughout the UK.

Exotic meats available in the UK;

Alpaca Goat Mouflon
Biltong Horse Ostrich
Bison Iberico Reindeer
Blesbok Impala Snake
Buffalo Insects Springbok
Camel Kangaroo Wild Boar
Crocodile Kudo Wildebeest
Elk Llama Zebra

And what’s more they are now easily available online. So this summer when you fire up that BBQ and why not try something a little different and give your BBQ a real talking point.

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