The UK’s Best Microbreweries


Microbreweries, guardians of taste, architects of ale, purveyors of perfect pints, these dedicated drinkers have often taken home-brewing and grown it into flourishing businesses with the ability to deliver beers right to your doorstep.

Diligent as ever here at StagWeb we set out to sample the very best beers in your region (and every other region) to find great local breweries across the UK. It was thirsty work but we pressed on. And now gentlemen we present you our findings. So please be upstanding and raise a glass to the finest microbrewers in the land.


The NorthMicrobreweries in the North The Midlands
Microbreweries in the Midlands
East AngliaMicrobreweries in East Anglia The South EastMicrobreweries in the South East
The South WestMicrobreweries in the South West Scotland, Wales & Northern IrelandMicrobreweries in the Mix Regions
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