Much Ado About Cider


StagWeb – Drinking cider so you don’t have to (you’re welcome).

We know that many of our stag parties enjoy the occasional refreshing beverage and right now cider is really on the rise. Refreshing, tasty, full flavoured and jolly English, it’s the perfect pint after any hectic day spent covering the groom in paintball pellets or battling it out in a hilarious game of bubble football.
As true Somerset lads we like to think we know a thing or three about scrumpy so we rolled out the barrel and went in search of the finest cider makers in the UK.

So let us present to you “Much Ado About Cider – The UK’s Best Cider Producers”

South WestMicrobreweries in the North South East
Cider Makers in the South East
Midlands & The NorthCider Makers in the Midlands and North The Mix NationsCider Makers in the Mix Nations

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