Cider Makers in the Midlands and North



Gwatkin Cider
Gwatkin Cider offer a range of 35 (thirty five!) different perrys and ciders. That’s more than even our dedicated team can get through in a single sitting. At first we were worried we’d be faced with fancy modern horrors masquerading as ciders but were delighted to find across the range this is real traditional cider with fantastic flavours. Plus never being the types to shirk our responsibilities we now have to go back to finish the tasting task in due course (although we might need several courses).

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Keep it simple, that’s the unmuddled ideology behind Henney’s cider and for us it’s a winner. No fuss, no unnecessary fizz or fancy logos. Cider, reliant on delivering great flavour to ensure drinkers come back again. Having tried it we will certainly be back for more. While the sweet cider on offer might be “one for the ladies” as the Pub Landlord might say, the vintage was a big hit with us.

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Westons Cider
Purists might argue Westons are perhaps too large to appear in our list of cider artisans but they still create good honest flavour with sharp bite, the way cider should be. Our particular favourite remains Old Rosie which is a cloudy cider that can be found in most decent boozers. Much like the StagWeb team themselves.

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Once Upon A Tree
As true Somerset lads we were slightly concerned about cider coming in wine bottles however halfway through the first glass all was forgiven. The staff at their Three Counties Cider Shop clearly knew their stuff and were happy to answer questions and guide us in the right direction. So in turn we would happily guide you in their direction, you won’t regret it.

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Celtic Marshes
The team at Celtic Marshes are indeed a very fine bunch whose knowledge and enthusiasm for fruity goodness is only eclipsed by the fantastic pints they produce. Thundering Molly, Slack Alice and Lily the Pink are very welcoming gals indeed and if you’re still in the mood afterwards we would also recommend you sample their jolly fine liqueurs as well. While the Proclaimers might walk 500 miles in pursuit of their lady we’ll head to the Celtic Marshes any day of the week.

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Mahorall Farm Cider
We approached Mahorall Farms ciders expecting a good traditional taste and we really weren’t disappointed. They don’t even waste time adding yeast to their cider and why bother? Providing a “true taste of Shropshire” using traditional methods and even picking much of their fruit by hand. And you can taste the difference, while Shropshire might not seem like a traditional hotbed of good English cider the taste leaves no doubt that this is great cider at its best.

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Hogan’s Cider
Hogan’s must have a larger trophy cabinet than Alex Ferguson, they’ve won a huge haul of awards over recent years but as ever the proof is in the tasting so we put our taste buds on the line and can concur with the judges. Hogan’s cider have a much more modernist approach to cider making and while traditionalists might be worried about he lack of wooden barrels and locals chewing straw the proof really is in the tasting. We recommend you do.

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West Midlands

Aston Manor
Birmingham might not seem like cider country but thanks to Aston Manor it most certainly is. Using fruit from Worcestershire and Herefordshire Aston have managed to win a cask-full of awards and now produce ciders for leading supermarket chains while remaining an independent cider maker, which they are rightly proud of. However the proof is in the tasting so we spent a good amount of time tasting…
And we heartily approve!

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Nooks Yard
Mixing locally grown fruit with Herefordshire’s finest, Nooks Yard have worked hard at crafting cider from vintage cider varieties. And it was their vintage blend that really ticked the box for us. A smooth, still cider that hints at the ages of English cider making. At present their ciders and perrys are only available locally but if you’re local then you’re in for a real treat.

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