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With all that extra sunshine Guernsey is perfect cider brewery country and Rocquette brew quality cider that packs a perfect fruity punch. Like a number of the ciders we tasted there’s no messing around with fancy flavours or gimmicks, this is real cider for real cider drinkers brewed in the ideal climate by cider lovers. Guernsey might seem a little far away for some of you but trust us, cider this good is even worth swimming across the channel for!

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Northern Ireland

Armagh Cider
Crisp, Mellow, Mulled and Apple punch, if you’re a true cider connoisseur the award winning Armagh Cider certainly deliver on the taste front. A little something for every pallet and a worthy inclusion in our cider trail. If you’re heading to Belfast for a stag party and happen to be a fan of good quality cider then this ticks all the boxes.

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MacIvors Cider
Another award winning cider press from the 6 counties MacIvors lavish their attention on to very fine ciders, a traditional dry and medium. You can sample their wares throughout Northern Ireland and Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway bound stags can swap Guinness for MacIvers for a more fruity flavour. Packed full of bite it’s worth bucking the trend for the black stuff and sampling a great cider.

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Thirsty Cross Cider
Cider? In Scotland? Well yes and ruddy good it is too. Well the climate might not at first glance seem ideally suited to quality cider, the clever folk at Thirsty Cross have created a number of fruitful varieties to suit a wide variety of pallets. Strawberry, ginger, whisky cask (naturally), elderflower as well as traditional ciders are well worth a wee tipple or two. These crafty chaps have even provided a handy list of pubs where you can sample their wares south of the border if you don’t happen to be in striking distance of their very fine presses.

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Welsh Mountain Cider
Using a number of apple varieties from across the UK from Yorkshire to Somerset, Welsh Mountain Cider take the nest of everything and blend it to their own unique flavour. If you’re after a quick cider fix you can drink a fine 6 month cider but we recommend you stick around for the 2 year aged blend. Worth a trip to Wales for? Most certainly.

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welsh mountain cider

Pant Du
“They keep a welcome in the hillside…” They also keep some very fine apples from which Pant Du are brewing fabulous cider (or “Seidr” to give it its Welsh name). Set in a stunning location if you happen to pop by (and we think you should) then you’ll find the perfect location to sit and enjoy a very fine cider indeed. Worth crossing the Severn Bridge for? Yes, most certainly.

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pant du

Hallet’s Real Cider
“Nature gives us the fruit, we simply change it into real cider!” And Hallet’s do a ruddy good job of it. Because of the colder climate the crop tends to vary from year to year which the clever folk at Hallet’s use to their advantage by crafting the cider based on the crop rather than trying to bend the crop to their will meaning each variety produces its own distinctive flavour year after year.

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