What’s New At StagWeb for October

What's new in October

Climb the O2

london eyeWhere? London

When George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Everest here modestly replied “Because its there.” So why should you scale the O2? “Because it’s frickin’ epic!” A full 360 panorama and quite possibly the greatest view of London after hooking to a line and climbing the dizzying heights.

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Gladiator School

Where? Rome

When in Rome… Find wooden swords and beat the cr** out of your mates with them. “I’m Spartacus!” “No you’re not, you’re Jeffrey, stop being a spanner!” Learn the skills of gladiatorial combat from expert instructors in the home of Roman gladiators.

Lectio magis…

bavarian feastBavarian Feast

Where? Hamburg

Man cannot live on beer alone so in Hamburg we’ve arranged a real taste of Bavarian goodness, as you get to sup Germany’s finest export, along with some great food in a fantastic venue. Eat, drink and be merry!
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Strip Boat

Where? Krakow

Just when you thought stag parties couldn’t get any better we’ve taken two of the best stag activities and combined them in maritime matrimony perfect for any stag group. A booze cruise with added strippers. You’re welcome.

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Party Tram

Where? Krakow

See the sights of Krakow in a dedicated party tram. This is rapidly becoming one of the No1 choice for UK stag and hen parties in Krakow. The Tram has a banging sound system, drinks, lights and even a strip show. The journey ends in the city centre close to the biggest and best clubs.

Prepare to Party!

Snow Sports

indoor skiingWhere? Cambridge

Get on the slopes and learn skiing, snowboarding and try your hand on the iceslide. An adventure filled day for the lads with the added bonus of being indoors and close to the bar (we’ll even arrange some drinks for you).

Check out more about our Snow Sports Activity…

Stadium Tour

Where? Munich

As one of the biggest teams in the world, Bayern Munich’s stadium has seen more than its share of football legends. Get a look behind the scenes of this amazing stadium. Just one of the many European & Premiership stadiums we have access to. Read more or get your tickets sorted here…

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lisbon surfingSurfing

Where? Lisbon

With surf rolling in directly from the Atlantic Lisbon has become one of the top surfing Meccas on the planet! Join the elite and hang ten under expert tuition from surf pros.

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