40 of the Most Awesome Extreme Sportsmen & Women You Need To Know!


When was the last time you did something truly daring? All those hours as a kid spent trying to get big air on a board, bike or discarded piece of bungee. That morning you leapt off the shed/tree/house in an attempt to fly (damn you gravity!!!). Real daredevils don’t let trifling things like physics get in the way of their amazing feats and stare down all Newton’s theories with sneer and sponsored baseball cap. They have entertained millions with their skills, thrills and occasional spills on route to sporting greatness.

Extreme sportsmen are somehow a breed apart, while other competitors like to feel a safe connection with planet Earth at all times these guys are constantly reaching skywards.

And so we salute the greatest extreme sportsmen and women of their generation.

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11-Ross-Pearson-profileRoss Pearson | Ultimate Fighter

Hard Man

Some say that away from the ring fighter, Ross Pearson is just a gentle, mild-mannered pussy cat. We’re not brave/stupid enough to assume any such thing. A total wild thing in the ring, who is massively respected in his sport and possibly one of the toughest men in Britain… We’re certainly not going to argue the point with him.

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12-Jenny-Jones-profileJenny Jones | Snowboarder

Cool Shapes

Jenny Jones won more than a few new fans at the Winter Olympics and it’s easy to see why, not only is she really thrilling to watch she’s not exactly hard on the eye either. Certainly at the top of her game right now, she has her eyes on yet more silver (or gold) ware at the next World Championships.

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13-Billy-Morgan-profileBilly Morgan | Snowboarder

Chill Dude

When he’s not causing outrage by swearing on live TV (much to the outrage of the BBC old guard) Billy Morgan is really exciting to watch and another British hopeful for more Olympic medals. Plus he seems like the sort of guy who wins a medal, drops his board, kisses a few fans and heads straight to the bar. He’s our kind of sportsman.

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14-Lewis-Crathern-profileLewis Crathern | Kitesurfer


Lewis Crathern hit the headlines after jumping over Worthing pier on a kitesurf. However that was kids’ stuff in comparison to his taking on the much larger Brighton Pier, which again he cleared in a single bound. Ruddy superb! He even had time to stop for fish and chips and nip off for a game of crazy golf (which of course he won!).

15-Billy-Wingrove-profileBilly Wingrove | Freestyle Footballer

Big Balls

This wasn’t a misspent youth, Billy Wingrove’s skills are down to hours and hours spent doing exactly what you wish you’d done with your youth. Some of his tricks don’t seem physically possible but he doesn’t allow silly things like “physics” get in the way of his skills.

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16-Amy-Williams-profileAmy Williams | Skeleton

Snow Queen

We’re not just fans of Amy Williams because she lives close to our office. And it’s not because she looks exactly how you wish all sportswomen did. But she takes part in one of the most dangerous winter sports of them all. Calm in front of the camera (now a presenting star for the BBC), Amy is one seriously cool contender.

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17-Caroline-Carslaw-profileCaroline Carslaw | Rally Driver

The Wheel Deal

Battling it out in a mostly male dominated sport is no easy thing. Yet blonde bombshell (yes, she’s a brilliant driver and a hottie!) is showering many of her male competitors in her dust as she takes the world of rally racing by storm and gives it a bloody good taste of girl power.

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Daniel WitchalsDaniel Witchals | Base Jumper

Big Air

Daniel Witchals made the headlines after claiming to have snuck past security guards to climb The Shard (London’s tallest building) when some folk doubted his claims he did it again and videoed the whole escapade. When he’s not dodging London bobbies he’s finding even taller obstacles and throwing himself off them with only a parachute for comfort.

19-Ben-Skinner-profileBen Skinner | Surfer

Beach Boy

Ben Skinner is one of the world’s top surfers. Growing up in the South West was probably a handy help to set him on the road to surfer stardom from which he has gone on to take on some of the biggest surf around the globe and is a regular competitor in the sports biggest events.

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20-Andrew-Deer-profileAndrew Deer | Taekwondo

Feet of Fury

Andrew Deer is not only as hard as they come, he’s a serious athlete who is gunning to represent team GB at the next Olympics. He is also a European medallist and mentor to the next great generation of fighters coming through. Plus he’s quiet a handy bloke to know if you need to chop some wood and can’t find your saw.

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