Rocker Mini Bike’s Ryan Taylor talks exclusively to StagWeb


You’re now a huge name in your sport with a massive following (over 130K Facebook fans, impressive!). Have you had any weird requests from fans?

Yeah man, it’s crazy, it’s grown so quick and pretty much as soon as I’d seen where my following was connecting from I just did more of that and it blew up!
But now Facebook has limited my reach and I don’t even reach them unless I pay.

Getting huge air and hanging upside down is balls out stuff but is there anything you’re scared of away from the track?

Yeah but its like anything, if you stick at it you’re going to come out with positive results. I don’t really have a fear of anything until it happens. lol

What do you listen to, to get pumped up before a big ride?

Hip-hop & I like house music as well.

What’s the one thing on your iPod you wouldn’t want us to know about (we won’t tell a soul, honest)?

Ha ha! There’s nothing on there you don’t need to know about, my iPod’s only got the real bangers on there.

You’ve ridden with Sam Pilgrim who we interviewed recently, he seems like a top bloke but be honest, who’s the better rider?

I’m waaaaaaaaaay better than Fish Head, he’s just a joker & my stunt man lol. (We’re going to do a video early next year, then you’ll see who the better rider is). See our interview with Sam Pilgrim.

Who do you most enjoy riding with?

My homie’s from home, Ben Jones, Mikey Parsons & all the locals that ride Corby. The guys always get the session popping, it’s been good times!

What’s the craziest stunt you’ve tried?

When I was attempting a 540 flair, I pulled way too hard and almost landed a 540 double flair!

Have you ever had any bad wipeouts or injuries?

Broken teeth, snapped collarbone & had a plate. Broken a bone in my neck, knocked myself out and didn’t wake up for 18hours. Face plant and put a hole straight through my tongue. There’s loads!

Ryan Taylor 1

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

It has to be taking rocker BMX from the ground up. Me and the investor had a brainwave and just made a video on the Rocker Mini bike, a few months later I was on national television and had over 500,000 views. With the web video going viral we also had the sales to follow!

How do you kick back and relax away from the ramps?

Hot tub in my back garden.

We’re thinking of introducing a ramp and Rocker Mini BMX in our office, the only problem is none of us can ride for toffee. Any tips?

Do it just like I did. Strap ya helmet up and hope for the best ha ha ha!

You make it look easy but have there been times when you’ve really had to grind it out to stay on top of your game?

People say I have such a easy job and I’ve got it easy. But they forget how hard it must be to get up every morning and stay motivated to be the best you can be. The emails and all the stuff I have to do online is simple and easy it’s just hectic not hard. Riding is hard mentally and physically!

Ryan Taylor 1

What’s your motto for life?

It could always be worse, Stay positive.

Any final words of wisdom?

Yeah follow @rockerminibmx on Instagram and remember, hardcore is for life not just for Christmas!

Ryan Taylor uses G-Shock, ethika Triple 8 NYC and is the king of the Rocker Mini Bike.

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