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What is the nation’s favourite pint? Who should pay for the drinks on a first date? Are women pint drinkers? Are men or women more of a handful when they’ve had a skinful? and questioned the nation on their Friday night drinking habits with over 2,000 drinkers polled aged from 18 to 51+.

UK Drinking Habits Infographic

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Drinking By Numbers…

While only a few decades ago most women considered it unseemly to pick up a pint, there are no such social constraints for modern drinkers with only 12% of women not being pint drinkers.

When it comes to paying their way, modern thinking is more of a female preserve with 57% of women saying they would go Dutch on a first date and pay equally for drinks. On the other hand men were far more traditional, with 56% believing that it should be down to the fella to treat the lady and only 22% preferring to go Dutch. While just 14% of women expected the men to pay for the evening.

Men were the biggest spenders in general with 33% professing to spending over £51 on their average Friday night out, 12% blowing £76 – £100+ kick starting their weekend. Female drinkers tended to be cannier with their spending, only 22% spending over £51 for the average Friday night while 27% spend less than £20. The average spend is between £21 – £51 (47% of men, 51% of women).

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy but God says ‘Love your enemy”. – Frank Sinatra

As for the nation’s favourite pint? Cider looms large for both men and women ranking highest with 56% of men and a whopping 71% of female drinkers. Lager was a comfortable second, beer ranked third and stout drinkers making up the minority. Only 2% of men steer clear of pints preferring to only drink spirits or soft drinks.

Whisky remains a largely male preserve and came highest in our poll amongst male drinkers. Vodka is the number one spirit among female drinkers. Rum was preferred to gin, while only 4% of the nation opt for soft drinks or fruit juices over alcoholic beverages.

How many drinks quench a Friday night thirst? The majority of those polled said on an average Friday night out they would consume 1 – 4 drinks (60% of men, 67% of women). Only 5% of males and 3% of females drink 9 or more drinks.

Stats also showed that men who drink vodka generally drink the least, while male whiskey drinkers drank the most (9+). Women who drink cocktails drink the least, while female vodka drinkers were most likely to have 9 or more.

Over 70% of those questioned said they were “very aware” of the dangers of drinking.

“I drink to make other people more interesting”. – Ernest Hemingway

Both sexes believe that after a skinful women are generally much more of a handful when drunk, 73% of men and 66% of women were in agreement on this point.

Of course what drinkers might say in the cold light of day, or be willing to admit to may vary from the reality. We are willing to take people at their word but after a few pints many people’s view of how many is the correct number of drinks on a night out can change dramatically.

We would continue to urge readers to drink responsibly whether it is a stag or hen party or just a Saturday night out down the local with friends. A Friday night in the centre of any town or city will tell you that binge drinking is by no means a thing of the past or the damage it can cause. However the nation certainly seems to be becoming more aware of their drinking habits and the inherent dangers.

One thing this writer can state with absolute clarity is that writing about alcohol is thirsty work so this scribe is off for…
A cup of tea.

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